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One of the most formidable legends in the independent retail market has got to be Resurrection.

Their current store boasts a two-storey presence in the Bohemian Quarter’s Bold Street. Founded in 1991 they started off as a small vintage clothes shop in the Quiggins arcade and have now grown as a brand and as a movement to prove that some independents can face the perils of the booms and bust and still be a favourite of the people. In what would seem a David v Goliath scenario, Resurrection have not been phased by the retail giants that surround Liverpool and if anything this has acted as a catalyst for the strong identity that is present today. This quirky clothes shop still keeps it’s vintage feel despite increasing their repertoire of well known streetwear, fast fashion and mod brands. Their dedication to empowering the individual with their vast range of branded casual fashion, footwear and street wear for both men and women is certainly their unique selling point. The clothes sit comfortably amongst arcade games and retro scooters in an amazing juxtaposition of retro and most modern of fashion which is the perfect medium of cool and trendy.

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Walk into Resurrection and your ears will be greeted with a playlist of underground music in which the beat will take over and end up dictating your stride. The infusion of hip-hop culture into the identity of Resurrection is one that is natural and we think if Biggie were alive today, he’d be filling his wardrobe with garments from Resurrection. One of the most notable features of Resurrection is the consortium of brands that it stocks. Favourites such as Carhartt, Nike, Supra, Glamorous, Merc & 10Deep will be found throughout the shop but you will also find the more specialised skatewear and unique concessions from local artistans. This is what is so special about Resurrection; it promotes being independent whilst of course being one themselves.

Over the years Resurrection have experienced all sorts of trends appear and vanish and have had to accustom to market changes and contemporary convenience. This sparked off the launch of their e-commerce website, which allows the indie emporium to ship worldwide. So if moving off the couch isn’t your thing don’t despair as Resurrection can deliver straight to your door. From the loyal mods to the ultra-hipster, Resurrections offers a respite away from the humdrum high-street and no matter what your budget, you will always be able to leave with a new attire. To help alongside with your budget we have secured 10% off your bill upon showing your Independent Liverpool Membership Card so invest now for the future. Give them a ‘like’ on Facebook ‘Resurrection Ltd’ and follow them on Twitter @resurrectionltd to keep up to date with their latest stock and deals.