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Love at first slice in the Big Apple inspired Paul to quit his day job and open up his own Brooklyn/Little Italy inspired pizzeria: American Pizza Slice.

It is true that pizza was invented in Italy and perfected in New York, but it is places like American Pizza Slice who help put a modern twist on the traditional ethos. With great quality pizza at affordable prices, American Pizza Slice are saving us from over-priced, average chain store pizza and  morning-after regret that comes with ordering your local student special.

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The popularity of Man v Food has urged a huge demand for advancements on the classic pizza and American Pizza Slice is at the forefront of fulfilling the pizza lover’s needs. This is an extremely unorthodox pizzeria but with traditional values. They never drift away from the tomato and mozzarella topped base but they are always trying out fun and unique twists on pizza so don’t be afraid to suggest one to them. Furthermore, they are not a pizzeria who take themselves too seriously, something which is evident  from the notorious games of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” against customers to give free slices away.


Eat in, take out or get it delivered to your door, American Pizza Slice covers all bases (no pun intended). If you go to either the Whitechapel Road or South Road shop, you will notice that the décor is reminiscent of a fifth avenue pizza joint with freshly made pizzas showcased by the till; this made it hard for our order to be heard over the sound of our rumbling stomachs. We decided to try one of their newest creations which was a classic margarita topped with 7 hour roasted BBQ pulled pork and caramelised onions. The authenticity of the flavours and quality of the ingredients would be competitive right in the middle of Little Italy. Come on, where else are you going to get a BBQ pulled pork pizza? As if the pizza wasn’t enough, we decided to try one of their famous garlic breads which was deliciously baked fresh dough covered in herby and garlicky goodness.


If you were looking for a pizza place that has hot dogs with questionable meat content in the crust, you came to the wrong place. If you wanted somewhere which is fun, which has fantastic pizzas and is evocative of Little Italy, you came to the right place. As always make sure you follow them on Twitter (@A_PizzaSlice), give them a ‘like’ on Facebook (American Pizza Slice) and more importantly head down there today. Visit their website to have a gander at their menu but be warned, exposure to such delicious descriptions of pizza is likely to result in ordering the mammoth 18″ pizza followed by a much needed nap.