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The coffee house that rococo built is surrounded by some of the biggest players in the retail scene: there has just been a grand reopening of River Island, an expansion of McDonalds makes it the biggest in the UK, and there is a Marks and Spencer flagship store.

That’s why it is pleasantly surprising to find an independent coffee shop nestled in between all of this – Rococo – but blink and you will miss it as the store front is just a door, with Everest-like stairs leading up on top of the EE building.

Rococo gets its name and inspiration from the 18th century artistic style Rococo movement. This movement placed more emphasis on the elegant and ornate, something which is evident in this coffee house with its intricate gold mirrors and chandeliers on show. It’s somewhere you could imagine somebody like Mozart having a coffee – if he were immortal. Rococo’s house is actually the second oldest building on Lord Street and its vast history dates back to 1882. This certainly makes it the most architecturally exciting coffee shop in the city centre as it has three grand rooms and a Victorian hallway.


From 9am to 7pm, Rococo serve their own blend of fair trade coffee and provide great lunches for the weary shopper. They also have an alcohol license so if you fancy an afternoon beer but your friend fancies a coffee, then this place will solve your arguments. We decided to try the Ploughman’s and the club sandwich. It was probably the most interesting Ploughman’s we have ever had as all the ingredients arrived on a wooden board, and you make it yourself which makes you actually feel like a man who plows. The Club sandwich was skyscraper stacked and full of deliciously well seasoned produce. To accompany our meals we had a Blueberry milkshake and a coconut mocha. Rococo are not afraid to stray away from branded and corporate formulae to entice the most eclectic of pallets.


Rococo are self professed ambassadors of saving Liverpool from corporate coffee. Even though Rococo is amongst the retail giants it has prevailed to trade for five years and impresses every customer that enters. So if you fancy lounging in one of the oldest buildings in Liverpool with beautiful interiors and great coffee, then get yourself down to Rococo. Visit their website, follow them on twitter @caferococo, send them a friend request on Facebook ‘Café Rococo’ but more importantly get yourself down to experience it yourself. Head down today and get 20% off!