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Lili Bizarre – a story over 10 years in the world of the make believe.

For ten years the dreamers, escapists and party go-ers have been getting kitted out by Lili Bizarre for the wildest fancy dress parties. When you enter Lili Bizarre, you literally enter a vibrant and psychedelic world, a world where people are walking round as Peter Pan, Michael Jackson and Wonder Woman and nobody bats an eye lid – well, unless somebody is trying out the Betty Boop outfit. The range of colours is so diverse, whilst strolling around the shop it is an ever-changing kaleidoscope  in which each corner is different to the last.

When we asked the owners what it was like being involved in the party business, they said that it was extremely fun and there is never a dull day. This makes perfect sense because how could you be in a bad mood when you are surrounded by purple feather scarves and and pimp canes. We all agreed that for a lot of people, dressing up is the most important part of the night, and for that reason people love coming to Lili Bizarre to choose their outfit for the night ahead. Because of this, they strive to make choosing an outfit an experience for everyone who comes. If you try on a costume in store then they will put on a relevant song for you so you can really get into character. For those of you out there who always dreamt of going on Stars in their Eyes but never made the cut, then getting your outfit from Lili Bizarre may be of some consolation. For this is an opportunity where you can say “Tonight Matthew I’m going to be Elton John!”, disappear behind curtains and then come out (in all innocence) to Tiny Dancer.

Lili Bizarre arguably has the most extensive, elaborate and lavish collection of fancy dress in the City Centre at the best prices: “why spend a fortune on a party frock when you can live out your dreams for a fraction of the price?”. Another nice touch by Lili Bizarre is they are happy to customise your costume so that you feel completely comfortable in your new skin. Aside from fancy dress, they have mastered the art of making things out of balloons, and we are not just talking about a sad clown’s poodle balloon trick. No, Lili Bizarre, as always, are exceptionally extravagant; if you want 10 foot palm trees made out of balloons then this is the place to come. But ask them to do most things and they will boldly accept the challenge.

So next time you receive that fancy dress invitation, you don’t need that overwhelming feeling of dread because you don’t not what to go as – simply make the trip down to the Lili Bizarre and marvel at their fancy dress collection. We guarantee choosing your costume will be an easy decision. And don’t forget that next time you have got a big party and you want to make it that little more exceptional with personalised balloons, then these are also your guys.