There is nothing peanut butter and a big spoon can’t fix.

You either like peanut butter or you’re wrong. Actually, you might be allergic to it in which case, you’re very sensible. If you ever come across someone who tells you that you’re putting too much peanut butter on things, get rid of them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. In a world where the saturated fats market has reached saturation, the world has gone a bit cleaner. The epidemic came in the form of kale, quinoa, coconut oil and more recently, thanks to Julian Campbell, peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter can actually be really good for you, proving there is definitely a God. Julian started off with peanuts and has self-funded his dream and we sat down over a slather to find out his story.


When did this all start?

Funky Nut Co started just 12 months ago. It began after I attended the University of Liverpool (the oldest student in town at 42) doing a degree in International Business. It was while doing this I saw a gap in the market for peanut butter as it was becoming a health food. I am the director and do everything.


Tell us about your different flavours? There’s rumours circulating you do a pistachio nut butter?

Ha that is true! We currently have 6 flavours of peanut butter (Honey & Sea Salt is the most popular) along with 6 other types of nut butters which include the popular pistachio butter and our own developed Tiger nut & Cashew nut butter which is great for those following a paleo diet. The range of flavours and butters will grow along with the business so keep an eye on us.


They sound incredible. Where can we buy them?

Funky Nut are growing and our butters can be found across the UK now with retailers in London, Cheshire and more. Of course you can get your nutty supplies closer to home in Liverpool as well as on the Wirral. If you don’t have a closer retailer have no fear. We sell online and are due to be listed with Amazon this month.

How has your journey been so far?

The journey from start up to a small company of just 14 months old has, as any new business does, had its highs and lows. The lowest was when our new premises was broken into and we lost all of our IT equipment and with it many contacts (We back up daily now). The highs? Well, these come more often and can range from the BBC contacting us to ask if we would appear on Dragons Den (We said no thanks.. ‘We are out’) to our agreeing to supply two of the UK & Europe’s largest online retailers of sports supplements with their own brand of nut butters. However, and this will sound cheesy, the best high is when a customer loves the butter and comes back for more. We know then we are doing a ‘Funky’ job.


What does the future hold?

The business is experiencing steady growth and we recently just launched our online shop where you can buy the peanut butter. We are always present at local farmers markets but we’re also stocked in places in London and Scotland and a lot in between. We’ve also got some exciting new flavours but I can’t give all my secrets away at once!

Make sure you check out the website here and grab yourself a tub of his incredible peanut butter. Keep up to date with the new ranges by liking their Facebook and Twitter also.