Remember when Superman used to get changed in a telephone box? Well now you can enter Liverpool’s newest secret underground bar through the same box.

Ex-Directory, is the cities latest best kept secret. Quite a chase to find, the bar it is situated in an unknown location in the city centre. To gain entry you will have to track down the signature red telephone box. The phone box leads to super sophisticated underground bar and only a select few will have the phone number in their contact list. The new speakeasy promises to have an eclectic array of cocktails that make the journey worth it. Think of Narnia with telephone box instead of wardrobe, and less enchanted forest, more drunken antics.


The year 2015 for Liverpool could be summed up by the word “secret”. We’ve got a secret garden cinema, a secret diners club and now a secret underground bar called Ex-Directory, in which you enter through a telephone box. No longer are we buying the “one size fits all” approach. We’re becoming increasingly attracted to the tailored, the more intimate and the beauty that comes alongside the hidden. We’re ditching the neon-lit, blatantly obvious in search of somewhere unique, somewhere different, somewhere hidden.


So, the question on everybody’s lips is, “How the hell do I get in?!”. Well, Ex-Directory will be leaving very ambiguous clues around Liverpool through Twitter and their website. Ex-Directory have somehow injected excitement into telephone boxes and board games. That’s our kinda nostalgia. Everything’s a bit hush hush at the moment so make sure you keep up to date with their Twitter to find out where it is. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Poirot then try crack the code and crack open some beers as a celebration.


Most importantly, remember to always drink responsibly with irresponsible people.