They say bad things come in threes. Here’s the complete opposite.

Here’s a tale about Duke Street and not the one at the end of the Banksy rat. The growth of the Duke Street area commenced following the opening in 1715 of the Old Dock, or Steers Dock, which was located within the original pool and allowed secure moorings and access from the River Mersey. Three hundred years later the growth isn’t stopping and although the waves of people aren’t stringently linked to the tides of the Mersey, it might have something to do with the unique occupants that plan to open. Bold Street is known for food, Seel Street is known for bars and Duke Street plans to be a mix of the two. It isn’t all about the food and drink scene either, thanks to the Chinese community Duke Street has one of the most attractive empty buildings in the city and there are lots of vibrant street murals along the strip. 


Much attention has been placed on Bold Street with the sheer number of places opening, Baltic Triangle with the incredible innovation and the waterfront for the cruises and festivals. There’s a street, not far from the former mentioned, that has been standing idly-by and is now ready to explode with venues. Don’t get us wrong, Duke Street wasn’t and isn’t already short of amazing places to eat and drink but the latest additions aren’t ordinary venues. Fan favourites along the strip include Il Forno, Sapporo, Monro, Sound Food & Drink and The Mayflower just to name a few. There is also a Bazaar on the street that has a treasure trove of trinkets waiting for you to discover. There are three new tenants opening up within the same couple months that plan to change Duke Street. With such history and impressive architecture, the buildings have big boots to fill so we met up with the new tenants to find out what people can expect from them.


Filter + Fox

Filter + Fox opened up last month, it took over the Duke St Espresso building and are doing their predecessors proud with their coffee crafting skills. Every coffee comes on a special tray with some form of mystical and special wafer. We’re upset for every coffee we’ve drunk that didn’t have one of these wafers on the side. During the day they might be knocking out lattes aplenty but the night is a whole different story. It forms into a charcuterie, cheese and cocktail space lit solely by candle. Romantic, intimate and delicious, the venue will soon be a solid favourite amongst the masses.

We asked the two guys behind Filter+Fox what people can expect if they come to visit:

“Filter+Fox resides in the small corner of Duke street formerly home to Duke street Espresso. Perfect coffees are still a focus but now beautiful wines and crafted cocktails join the offering. From 8am till midnight Filter+Fox provides a hideout for local residents and people willing to search out quality. Breakfast plates, lunches, cheese + charcuterie boards provide sustenance to accompany the fantastic drinks. My name is Owain and I own it with my friend Chris and we have been in the food and drink industry in Liverpool for many years and have really put a personal stamp on the space. An intimate atmosphere for all to enjoy.”


Keep up to date with their Twitter. Address: 27 Duke Street

Cedar Food and Drink

Liverpool is getting a gin bar. No need to adjust the screen, book an appointment with your opticians or ask somebody to check it, it is true. Le Bateau was an absolute institution in the Liverpool night scene and has been left empty for a few years now. Luckily for the city, construction is under way and the launch of Cedar Food and Drink will be at the end of this month. Whilst navigating through the space you relive the memories from the predecessors. You’ll look at the spots you danced with reckless abandon and stand in the same place that smoke machine used to shower you in a smoky and questionably hazardous fog.

If you can’t wait for their doors to open, click here and check out their pre-launch supper club. We asked the guys behind it what to expect ahead of their eagerly anticipated launch:

“People can expect gin, fire and banging tunes! But in all seriousness, we are trying to offer something a little bit different. At the moment Liverpool’s bars are flirting with gin and there are few places offering a real selection compared with say, whisky or vodka. We will be going into more details in terms of our tonic pairings, garnish and overall knowledge of the spirit and the distillation process. Our food will be simple, however the menu is eclectic and packed full of flavour. Josh has taken inspiration from working at a Michelin star restaurant in Italy and combined it with his time here in Liverpool; for example we will be cooking in a charcoal oven to really maximise flavour.”


Keep up to date with their Facebook and Twitter. Address: 62 Duke St

The Brunch Club

We all know how fashionable it is arriving late for things and turning up late for breakfast is exactly how brunch was born. Brunch is slewing away from a secret event for executives at their country clubs discussing their best putts, it is becoming ingrained in society and is one hell of a way to spend a day. Liverpool is getting a Brunch Club, a special space dedicated to the world of brunch. Perfect day starters, hangover curers and everything in between. Indulgence comes in many forms and this is one not to be missed.


Here’s what Brunch Club had to say:

“We are a premium sized bar but we won’t have premium prices as we want people of all walks of life to come back every day. Although we are small there are a few things we’re doing to try be more ethical. We won’t have any zero hour contracts, we’re doing a cocktail of the week where £2 of every one sold will be going to Everton in the Community. We may just be starting off and be small but we’re all about supporting local. We’re going to be doing a few things nobody else are doing. We have ‘retox’ cocktails, they’re basically boozy smoothies that still have 2 of your 5 a day in them so they’re still good for you. Kind of. We have a breakfast, lunch and evening menu but we’re especially excited about our duck burger. We just want to be a really relaxed venue, where you could take anyone. Our blood, sweat and tears are into this building and we’re especially pleased with our bathrooms as the walls are covered in old doors.”

Keep up to date with their Facebook and Twitter. Address: 37-41 Duke St

Whilst the cosmetics of Lime Street remains uncertain and hotly debated and we have to digest the sad announcement about Kazimier closing their doors on New Year’s Day like a bad meal, it can be quite easy to become overwhelmed with the sad news. Every time one independent’s window opens, the reality is, another closes. Sadly, the old saying is true, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone and we don’t want a repeat of The Kaz. This is why this movement, this notion, this revolution, this whatever it is, is more important than ever. We are honoured to get the chance to meet so many people investing their lives, both financially and emotionally, into a building and we take an even greater pride in being able to help them fill their seats. Give these three new venues a try when you get the chance, we don’t want any more closed doors in Liverpool, we want more of these ventures, we want to have to write more articles like this and we want to meet more and more people putting everything on the line and seeing the rewards.