Last week the Independent Map Company (IDMC°) launched their inaugural map of Liverpool.  

The Independent Map Company are a collective who strive to highlight independents across the globe. A mission we have been known to endorse. For months they have been working away at a map of the independents in Liverpool and they launched it at Bold Street Coffee where they exhibited a photography gallery of the places and people the team have met so far. The photography gallery will be showcased throughout April at Bold Street Coffee and features photography by Mike Gannon, Anton Rodriguez and Sophie Rose.

We met up with the team to find out more about the project:

Q: What is Independent Map Company and who is involved?

The Independent Map Company (IDMC°) is a collective committed to celebrating and promoting a diverse range of independent businesses.

Founded by Mike Gannon, Emma Harrison and Lee Fleming in July 2012, The Independent Map Company was created by the desire to offer independent businesses in Liverpool an alternative means of recognition. As with most cities, the geography of Liverpool’s city centre is mainly built up of large corporations and multi-chain companies. We felt there was a need to highlight the hardworking independent community for their authenticity and uniqueness.

Our initial notion was simple, to design and manufacture a physical, printed topological map of Liverpool that focuses on the independents businesses, categorised by food & drink, shopkeeper, culture, eventide and escapes. We’ve been called crazy several times but it only spurred us on to continue to do what we do, what we are inspired by.

Knowing we needed a online platform to offer in depth information on the independents featured on our map, we launched The Independent Map Company which not only allows us to highlight our map research but quickly meant The Independent Map Company was featuring independent businesses around the world in cities such as London, New York, Stockholm, Berlin and Tokyo.  

Alongside researching cities for our physical maps we are currently working with photographers around the world on content for our publication. Through meeting various creatives we feel the natural progression from our maps is to curate a well-considered travel publication, which we are very excited about.

The IDMC° team is a ever growing mix of talented creatives who share your like-minded passion for independent living. More recently we welcomed London-based photographer Anton Rodriguez to the IDMC° team.


Q: Who designed the map?

The IDMC° Liverpool Map was designed in Liverpool by graphic designers Ricky Narito & Sam Little Grierson. Our inspirations come in many shapes and forms be it traditional cartography, architecture, graphic and industrial design. Key influencers include German designer Dieter Rams, Englishmen Harry Beck, Edward Johnston and Unimark’s Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, tangible is rare. We love that the map isn’t digital, you can feel it, take it out with you on an adventure and close it up put it in your pocket. There’s something quite lovely about that. For less than a tenner you can get a beautifully designed, crisp and clear map that will direct you to around the city to the best independents in the city. We’ve got our copy of the map and love it. Order yours here.