The unique institution that is Liverpool’s very own Secret Circus returns for two exciting new events showcasing the very best of what the Liverpool arts community has to offer.

When you think of a circus – what comes to mind? Lion taming? Acrobats? Clowns? Well if that’s what you came for, you may be in for a surprise. The Secret Circus is an adult, alternative, grassroots version making lion taming look exactly that; tame. Showcasing the finest talent from across the UK, and providing a welcoming and supportive platform for budding new talent, the Secret Circus was founded by Chanel Samson and Eve Howlett in 2014.  Since then, they have had no less than 15 sell-out shows, as well as running their stages at Liverpool’s Threshold Festival, Trafalgar Square and even Los Angeles. They’ve also toured the Edinburgh Fringe, sharing a stage with PBH himself, the creator of the Free Fringe.

Not only that, but they’ve hosted events for LGBT charities, and for an EDS charity in honour of their friend and latest addition to the team, Little Peaches. Now they’re back with two exciting evenings of entertainment. First up is their “taster” event on October 27th at the Vault, Signature Living’s stunning new venue. And then they return to their favourite haunt of Parr Street Studio 2 on November 3rd.with an exciting “Down the Rabbit Hole” themed event.

Eve Howlett explains, “The Secret Circus was created to celebrate the amazing talent in Liverpool and create a community with a little something for everyone. In just a few years we have been shocked about how much it has exceeded our expectations.  We cannot wait to see how much further it can grow!”

The Circus team describe their event as being like whacking a piñata – “you never know what’s going to come out of it”. They aren’t kidding. Expect anything and everything from live music to magic tricks, side shows to poetry, dance routines to drag – and everything in between. Sexy lobster? Check. Randy Nana? Check. Fancy taking part in a belly dance conga line, or Rocky Horror karaoke? The Secret Circus has done it all.

Globally renowned burlesque performers include Diva Hollywood and Velma Von Bon Bon. International acts include Little Peaches of Australia and the USA’s Chanel & the Circus. Home-grown talent has included the late, great Penny Lane poet Ralph Killey; and Terry Arlarse, Liverpool’s most eloquent ‘’scally’’. Comedy has come in the form of Circus favourites Jollyboat, the pirate duo, who are also regulars at Glastonbury Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe; and Liverpool’s own Impropriety, the legendary improv troupe.

Chanel Samson sums up what she thinks makes these events so special: “The Secret Circus is a family and I think that’s why so many people connect to it. It reflects Liverpool’s spirit of individuality and acceptance no matter who you are or where you come from or what you like in bed! Just so long as we respect each other and come from a space of love, anything goes. I can’t wait to come back for a spring tour and play with my favourite freaks again.”

If you’d like to try the Secret Circus on for size, head down to their events on October 27th at the Vault, or November 3rd at Studio 2. For more information about the Secret Circus and their upcoming events, follow them on: