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In today’s digital age, queues meandering from shop fronts are a rare sight.

It’s only usually when a new iPhone is released or when Pandora announce a sale can you expect to see such eager customers. To queue up for pork pies, cakes and Bavarian slices seems quite mad. But this isn’t just any bakery and they aren’t just any pork pies. Welcome to Sattherthwaites Bakehouse – a bakery with over 100 years of history with, as you can imagine, quite the story.

In 1910 Satterthwaites opened their first bakery which began in Southport. The much-loved family business was sadly forced to shut its seven stores across Crosby and Bootle in 2012 and hand the keys over to administrators after failing to find a buyer. The local people were in mourning – people had worked there their whole life and generations of families had found solace in the pork pies. But not even a year later, married couple Jon and Sarah Wills took over the building to continue the tradition of fantastic baking.

Not only the name but the original recipes are back – much to the relief of the local community. The icing on the cake was when Jon and Sarah re-employed some of the bakers and staff to continue to produce and sell the high quality the name Sattherthwaites was renowned for. As well as the tradition, they’ve also introduced new things like haggis and chorizo pork pies, lemon drizzle cake and coffee choux buns. They’re also selling gluten free pies from the wonderful Gluten Free Pie Company. Everything baked that day is eaten that same day. If (and it’s a big if) there are any leftovers, they’re dropped off to a Soup Kitchen to feed the homeless.

Satterthwaites Bakehouse is the kind of place you smell before you see. Coronation Street in Crosby is perfumed with psychedelic pastry and pie fumes. This pride in their baking is evident in the lay-out as the bakery is completely open so you can see how freshly made everything is. They’re supporting their neighbours by churning out quality coffee with Crosby Coffee beans that will give you the perfect start to any day. Satterthwaites Bakehouse is like any older members in your family – full of stories, should be cherished and knows a good pork pie. In a world full of mass-produced, perfectly cut and meticulously assembled – we love the handmade and heartfelt imperfections that come with every bake.