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The Italian take-out with queues out the door.

Castle Street – a stretch of Liverpool life blessed with great architecture, some fantastic food and drink and a tiny little pasta shop that you’d be forgiven for walking past. Droves of hungry people head there all day but Pasta Cosa was built to be a lunch-time spot, giving the many local offices a quick taste of true Italy. Choose your pasta, choose your sauce and choose your toppings and they’ll do the rest. Google will tell you there’s (roughly) 350 different types of pasta but there’s only one Pasta Cosa and you must visit.

They say don’t work with your family but Pasta Cosa was opened in 2016 by sisters Talia and Kayleigh Baccino. Yeah, we’re jealous of how cool their names are too. And they share the same belief as us that you either love pasta or you’re wrong. How can just a few everyday ingredients come together to create something as wonderful as pasta? And as delicious as all pasta is, there really is no comparison to fresh. Assuming you don’t have an flour-speckled Italian Nonna in your kitchen belting out penne all day, there’s some things that are just better left to the professionals.

Like most things Italian, the menu is super simple but brimming with flavour throughout. The anti pasti menu has your usual suspects such as cured meats and bruschetta but the arancini, garlic bread and bolognese fries are knockouts. Don’t even get us started on the loaded ciabattas. There’s classics like bolognese carbonara on the pesto menu but we’re especially in love with the chicken and chorizo in a spicy salsa rosa sauce. And gluten-free people, you’ve not been forgotten about there’s even a pasta for you.

Remember that scene in “Eat, Pray, Love” where Julia Roberts spends what seems like hours devouring a single plate of pasta? We’re not saying that you should head to Pasta Cosa just to recreate that moment, but let’s be real: You should totally head to Pasta Cosa just to recreate that moment. After all, not only does the allure of authentic carbonara have its own gravitational pull–we’re pretty sure that NASA’s been studying it for years. Only this place is less flat earth and more farfalle. Check us out being topical. All in all, lunch times will never be the same and we implore you to make your way through Pasta Cosa’s menu starting this week.