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The well known South Liverpool Restaurant has opened in the City Centre!


Churrasco Steakhouse – the meaty Mecca, just around the corner from Lark Lane on Aigburth Road has opened a second site right in the city centre!  It was a bottle of Rum that led to their name which is, we’ll save you the Google, a Latin-American inspired term referring to beef or grilled meat.

After many successful years down in South Liverpool, the leap was taken to get a new place smack bang in the middle of town. Not only is the location the perfect spot but it is the perfect spot for that ‘can’t decide what i want to eat’ mood that you know we all have! It can fill a small gap with one of there amazing starters or even a selection from the lunch menu. If you where like us, at 6pm and ready for a feast, you can go all out and get the sharing platters, creamy mac and cheese, huge steaks, tacos, chilli prawns and then deserts by the iconic deserts by Dre! Yes we went all out!


The starter plank comes with BBQ ribs, cheesy nachos, salt and pepper chicken wings, chicken and chorizo skewers and garlic bread. What a line-up that is.  Already booking your table here? Well, listen to what we had for our main. Beef fillet steak on a burning hot stone, ready to be sliced and diced and cooked exactly how we wanted with a side or creamy peppercorn , garlic and chilli king prawns, a melty dream of mushroom and broccoli mac and cheese, amazing home made chunky chips,  a trio of steak tacos and a unbelievable cauli steak on a cheese aubergine base (yes, even something for the veggies). Churrasco’s aim of not letting you leave hungry was well and truly fulfilled and we caught ourselves moaning out loud on more than one occasion. BUT even with the moans that didn’t stop us from digging into two deserts; a chocolate and raspberry brownie with a side of raspberry ice-cream AND a kinder cheesecake white kinder chocolate pouring chocolate! The drool was real! These are aqctually made by Desert by Dre! If you know, YOU KNOW, if you don’t know, I would get that phone out and look him up you wont be disappointed!

The menu is full of gems, though. Beef, as you can guess, is King around these ways with many flocking for the steak stone experience where, if you don’t trust the chef, you can cook your own steak to perfection at the table. This is what Churrasco hung its hat on in terms of quality when they first opened and it’s still popular today.

Now traditionally you’d go for a bottle of red with all that red meat but don’t sit on the dreamy Martini menu; French Martinis, Rhubarb Gin Martinis and even, get on this, a Nutella Martini. Nope, seriously. Maybe it was the dessert or maybe it was the meat sweats and mac and cheese but throughout the meal we fell in love with Churrasco Steakhouse’s warm and lovely atmosphere, great service and wonderful food.



 Opening Hours:

Monday 12-10pm
Tuesday 12-10pm
Wednesday 12-10pm
Thursday 12-10pm
Friday 12-10pm


10am – 11pm


10am – 10pm