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  2 cocktails for £12

Desperate for a holiday? Aren’t we all.

As much as we’d love to have a window seat, a mini Aperol Spritz in hand and hear “this is your Captain speaking” – I think we all know that’s a way off for the time being. But fear not, Carlisi is here to transport you to Sicily and they won’t charge you extra for any lockdown-baggage. 

Liverpool’s financial district is usually a fast-pace place full of weary eyes, large lattes and late nights in the office. Amidst the chaos is Carlisi – a welcome respite. Everything from Italian breakfasts and coffee in the morning to cheese and meat boards with cocktails in the evening. The art of the Aperetivo is shown the utmost respect in Carlisi – so much so they’ve won awards for them at the inaugural Italian Awards. 

It’s owned Alessio Carlisi – if you’ve dined in any of Liverpool’s fantastic Italian offerings, chances are that you recognise him. Hospitality is in his blood and he greets every customer how a dog greets an owner after leaving the house for a couple of mins. His younger brother Federico will be behind the bar shaking up Aperol Spritz, Campari Spritz and more whilst his Dad built everything in sight. A true family affair.

Carlisis breakfast & brunch menu includes dishes such as banana & strawberry pancakes and Italian pancetta sandwiches whilst its lunchtime offering boasts a selection of bruschetta, salads and charcuterie options. Whilst that is all well and good, it’s the Sicilian street food that has people queuing out the door. Including their baseball sized arancini, panzerotti and those cannoli’s that have the hair on the back of your neck standing up after a bite.

Carlisi, like many independents in the last year, have struggled immensely but worked so very hard to adapt to the ever-changing climate. That includes an Italian deli full of beautiful pasta, sauces, Italian wines, fizz and more. What every kitchen cupboard would benefit from. When you’re next in the financial district and fancy a mini-holiday, a quick takeaway or a cannoli-themed religious experience – go pay the guys at Carlisi a visit and tell them we sent you.