Do you dare to take a bite?

The Lodge café bar and restaurant has opened in Aintree offering a family dining experience with quality value and style. The former Hargreaves wine bar has had a £100,000 refurbishment transforming the space in to a country/hunting lodge in the city. Wood and stone feature heavily in the new décor which includes a wall made entirely of locally sourced logs.

The unique and modern menu boasts independent and quirky ideas, (all freshly made and of a high quality) such as inside-out bacon butties, ‘beat up dogs’ (deep-fried, battered hot dogs), the infamous ‘topped fries’ and more. But there’s a new idea in town. One that puts the others to shame as well as all the cheesiest burgers you’ve ever had.

Say hello to the cheese stuffed burger with a mac ‘n’ cheese ‘bun’. Yes, not content on the burger itself containing a cheesy centre, the reliable brioche bun has been discarded and upgraded to deep fried mac and cheese goodness. I mean, c’mon, as if dieting wasn’t hard enough. Suppose it does have lettuce and tomato so technically it’s two of your five a day.

As well as a pretty mean burger there’s lots of live music and it’s a lovely place to check out so we recommend getting down as soon as you can. Don’t forget to stay safe and use a condiment.


31-37 Warbreck Moor


L9 4RW