Dates don’t have to break the bank.

Romance isn’t strictly expensive meals and champagne on ice, in fact, it is often things that cost the least that mean the most. Here are 19 dates that’ll make your other half very happy – from picnics to walks and a ferry ride in between, we hope you enjoy it. 

Go For A Picnic

This is as close to The Great Gatsby as you’re going to get. Get a nice basket, a nice cloth (here’s when Mum’s come in handy, they’ve got entire drawers dedicated to this kinda stuff) and fill it with a few of your partners favourite things and watch them weep with happiness. The weather might not be perfect for it but let’s be honest, we all live in the UK, when is it ever picnic-perfect? Grab some bread, fillings and maybe a bottle of vino from Lunya’s deli or Delifonseca and you’re good to go. Head down to Calderstones park, Sefton park or The Festival Gardens for surroundings suitable for the occasion.


Grab A Bottle Of Wine

We’re all for resolutions but not ones that involve a lack of alcohol. We’re not saying go and dance along to The Coral on the tables at Mojo and share a ludicrous amount of food from Nabzys, we’re suggesting a more sophisticated soiree. A nice bottle of wine shouldn’t break the bank but provides the perfect evening for a catch up. Away from your phones, emails and other digital distractions. Grab a bottle of red from R & H Fine Wines light some candles, pour your other half a glass and ask them how their day went. Even run them a bath if you want extra points.


Go For A Walk

Liverpool’s a city with a lot of beauty – both regal and timeless, both natural and man-made. There’s many routes in the city that do the talking for us and sometimes, you can’t beat a good walk. Leave the phones in your pockets, hold hands and take a stroll down Otterspool Prom.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 15.21.53

Photo by John Keenan

Have A Cuppa At Oh Me Oh My

Oh Me Oh My is so secret that you can only talk about it whilst whispering. The architecture, both inside and outside, is as good as it gets in Liverpool. The inside looks like a Marilyn Monroe makeup set, large mirrors with incredible details on the frame are lit up with fairy lights that cascade themselves around it. Piano pieces treacle out the sound system and it all makes for a classy and romantic affair. The perfect place for a daytime hot drink as they’re a tea emporium with a got a huge selection of loose leaf teas as well as coffees. They also specialise in weddings so who knows, if that date goes well, you could be walking down the aisle in the very same venue you had a cuppa.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 14.49.03

photo by

Address: West Africa House, 25 Water St, Liverpool L2 0RG

Go The Beach

A beach in the UK? Yes, we understand the risks of this but Crosby Beach is absolutely stunning in all weathers. A massive part of this are the Iron Men sculptures on Crosby Beach by Anthony Gormley which are known as ‘Another Place’. It consists of 100 cast iron sculptures looking out towards the sea in silent expectation. Head down around sunset and play in the sand, even if it’s raining, chances are you won’t care with a view like that. 


Photo by James Bell

Visit A Museum

It might have been a whopping 8 years since Liverpool was crowned capital of culture but never has there been a time when Liverpool oozed a certain cultural prowess than now. There are a fine selection of museums on offer and the majority are free. Head to the World Museum to have your mind blown or head to the Liverpool museum to top up your local knowledge and discover some things about Liverpool you may have never expected.


Grab A Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing a cup of hot chocolate can’t fix. Honestly, think of anything and a hot chocolate will take it all away. There are a few hot chocolates around the city worth ordering but we especially recommend the orange hot chocolate from Coast in Woolton Village, it’s as delicious as it looks and there’s lots of lovely walks just round the corner.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 15.55.43

Address: Coast Coffee, 7 Allerton Rd, Liverpool L25 7RA

Visit A Secret Lounge

Everybody knows Hope Street is home to a plethora of culture and some picturesque views. Two cathedrals adorn either side of the stretch and fine dining, theatre and some pretty great watering holes fill the gap. 60 Hope Street is elegant, contemporary and puts traditional twists on the best of British. It is one of the best known for the city’s most ambitious restaurants and occupies an imposing and beautiful Georgian Grade ll Listed building with arguably one of the prettiest facades in the city. Follow the spiralling stairs away from the distinguished dining just a floor above and a whole other world reveals itself. Welcome to The Lounge, Liverpool’s best kept secret. Put your feet up by the fire, grab a coffee and chat.


Address: 60 Hope St, L1 9BZ

Go To A Jazz Club

Let’s face it, Jazz is sexy, or should we say ‘saxy’? It’s like a musical aphrodisiac. Ditch the oysters and go listen to some bluesy jazz tunes at the The Pen Factory. Best part? It’s completely free. Grab yourself a drink or two, embrace the live performance and even let yourself loose at the live jam where the crowd get involved. You’ll be irresistible – to your boyfriend or girlfriend at least. It is on every Wednesday from 9pm.


Ride The Ferry

A world-class city and a world-famous ferry collide on the Mersey, making for one hell of a date. Gerry and the Pacemakers made it famous and we urge you to go and see for yourself what they were singing about. Most people see it as something for the tourists but it is quite spectacular for anyone to do it. It offers a rare and beautiful view of Liverpool’s famous skyline that is so impressive. Find out more here.


Go To The Cinema

Woolton Cinema (also known as Woolton Picture House) has held a place in the people of Liverpool’s hearts since 1927. Not far off the incredible century but doesn’t look a day over 21 if you ask us. It is the only remaining single-screen cinema in the city, and is popular with cinema enthusiasts because of its old-fashioned atmosphere. The music of Mantovani plays before the main programme and in the traditional halfway interval, during which ice cream can be bought from usherettes. A simple yet beautiful part that adds to the experience of the cinema.

Address: 3 Mason St, Liverpool L25 5JH


If you’re yet to hear about Ghetto Golf, where on Earth have you been? It’s the urban 18-hole wonderland in the iconic Cains Brewery even your Nan has heard about. Leave your washing for another day and navigate your way around the old Cains Brewery warehouse. It’s just £10 each for 18 holes with lots of memories (and arguments) to be had. Book here.

Address: Stanhope St, Cains Brewery, Liverpool L8 5XJ

Go To A Board Game Cafe

There are a few places around the city stocking box shaped relics of a much simpler time. Sugar and Dice – one of the city’s first board gaming cafe’s is an awesome place for this. They’ve got some serious games, too. Imagine Cluedo, Scrabble, Monopoly and more with an alcoholic beverage to the side. Just make sure there is a sober person at all times as double vision can make Connect 4 a nightmare. By the way, who remembers Buckaroo?

 Address: 33 Cornhill, Liverpool, L1 8DP

Visit A Gallery

The Tate is a perfect cheap date and promises everything you could possibly want from one. The picturesque Albert Dock will be the in the background, the soundtrack will come in the form of various buskers and snippets of The Beatles and you can get your art on. We’d also recommend checking out Open Eye Gallery, Metal and The Bluecoat for something a bit different but equally enthralling.


Go To The Theatre

Surprise your other half with tickets to a play in the likes of Everyman Theatre, Playhouse, Lantern Theatre, Unity Theatre and more and you’re bound to make their day. Prices vary at each theatre but the average is a couple of pounds per person for a night of entertaining theatre that is a bit different to the norm. It is also extremely good to support local actors, producers, writers, costume designers and more, who all pour their life and soul into these productions.


Spend A Morning At A Farmers Market

In our humble opinion, a farmers market can be the perfect cheap date. It might not be the first thing you associate with romance but we guarantee you’ll have a lovely time. There is a monthly one at Lark Lane on the 4th Saturday of every month and sporadic ones throughout the city. What could be better than a collection of butchers, baristas, cheese mongers, chocolatiers and more, all together with a treasure trove of deliciousness just waiting to be devoured?


Go See The View From Vestey Tower

The Liverpool Cathedral is one of the world’s great buildings. Beautiful from the inside and out, you can also climb to the top and see the whole of Liverpool from Vestey Tower. It is 101 metres up so expect some incredible views, a lot of wind and a dash of vertigo. The tower is open to the public most days and costs just a couple quid to go up to the top, click here to find out more.


Picture by Dan Houston

Go To An Open Mic Night

Nothing beats an evening of live music, especially in Liverpool, a place famed for our love of making music and for sternly supporting our very talented up and coming artists. Out of the Bedroom Open Mic is a perfect example of local talent standing strong, with a packed house and great atmosphere every Tuesday night at LEAF. Bring your own instrument and original songs for a chance to perform. If it doesn’t sound good already, it is free entry.

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Have A Pint

Don’t underestimate the power of a pint, it can be the best and most simple date of them all. Your favourite boozers need you all year round, head down for a pint, a game of pool, darts or play a board game and you’re in for a fun night. Liverpool isn’t short of boozers, we’re well known for one of the best nights out in the UK and for good reason. Lucky for you, we’ve navigated your way through the hops headquarters and have created a beer compendium of some of the venues worth having a pint in. Read it here.


Ride A Bike

A happy childhood was one spent on a bike. The open road, the sense of freedom and the delight of adventure. For just a couple pound you can rent a city bike for the day and travel Liverpool with it. You can’t see all Liverpool has to offer in a day but armed with a bike, you can definitely see a lot of it. More info here


Photo by Bev Goodwin

Special thanks to Mark Phillips for the featured image.

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