12 years… think of the amount of hangovers they’ve cured.

Moose Coffee is a family owned institution for breakfast lovers in the city. Over the past 12 years it has become a destination point for locals and visitors alike looking for an authentic American inspired dining experience. Moose has become as famous for the huge portions of pancakes and other breakfast staples as the celebrity visitors including Tom Hardy, Kim Cattrall, Elvis Costello, Alfred Molina and Brandon Flowers to name but a few.
The huge menu is homage to the multicultural influences honed by generations of immigrants found across the five boroughs of New York and reaches across the states from the mid west to the shores of the Pacific to bring you their inspired versions of breakfast classics from Maple Drenched Pancakes to perfect Eggs Benedict’s, Rich Hominy Grits, Moose Manolito (Huevos Rancheros) and Saul’s Smoked Cheddar Chicken Waffles amongst many others.
Amid the chaos of the business district full of weary eyes and gigantic lattes – there’s a little place everyone comes together to forget about the world outside over a stack of pancakes. A place to catch up, cure hangovers, first dates and business meetings. Be prepared to wait for a table, but once inside the intimate atmosphere, house blend coffee, quirky interior, soft jazz and attentive service will take you back to your favourite deli in Williamsburg or Coffee House in East Village.
“Being 12 years old feels amazing! We now have 4 stores and a workforce of over 100 staff which feels a lifetime ago from being hunched over a griddle in 2006 ” says Nick van Breemen, the head honcho.

This week Moose plans 12 days of celebrations to mark the blood, sweat and tears of 12 years! They will be fundraising for local charities through the MOOSE FOUNDATION, as well as activities and Moose freebies ….Keep an eye in store and on social media. Drop in and try their birthday Red Velvet Stack and the Moose Chilli Dog.  £1 of each dish will be going towards charity.

Happy birthday chaps! Here’s to 12 more.