One man, one bike and one tent will travel from Shanghai to Liverpool to raise money for blood cancer.

Andrew Rogerson, is a 29 year old Liverpudlian with an affinity for exciting and daring adventures all in the name of charity. Over the past few years he has climbed the highest mountains in both Europe and Africa, as well as cycling down the coast of Vietnam. His life has become a series of Top Gear specials with the end result hopefully being that a lot of money has been raised for charity. He is raising money for the incredible Anthony Nolan charity who do great work with Leukemia and other blood cancers.


The world’s teeth have sunk into Andrew’s very core and he bleeds adventure. Everything he has ever done before has led him to this very scenario; a 10,000 mile cycle from Shanghai to Liverpool. Inconceivable to the average human, but then again, Andrew doesn’t fall into the average category. Andrew has been given 5 months off work by a very understanding employer but it means his deadline is tight. So through the jelly legs, the flat tyres, the sleepless nights, the dehydration and more, he will persevere and find the strength from somewhere to defeat every mountain, both figurative and literal.


Andrew had an aim of raising £10,000 and thanks to the worldwide generosity he has managed to absolutely smash that. Let’s see, together, how much we can throw into the pot to help this amazing man. Donate here. You don’t have to cycle from China to Liverpool, all you need to do is donate what you can and sign up to the Anthony Nolan foundation here to help continue saving lives.

Andrew isn’t just a local hero, he’s a national one and we have a cold pint waiting for him at The Caledonia when he returns.