Beer fans, hold on to your glasses.

2015 was a good year for craft beer and it’s about to get a whole lot better. Opening in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle this December, Black Lodge is a brewery, tap house and charcuterie. Beer, cheese and meat? Shut up and take our money. Some of the brains behind Liverpool Craft Beer, The 23 Club and Camp and Furnace will be joining forces to brew, bottle and pour some of the best and most intriguing beers the city has ever seen. Black Lodge will be opening on Kitchen Street, a stretch well known in the Baltic Triangle for its raving and misbehaving and not necessarily, in that order.

BL Logo

So then, shall we meet the brewers? Liverpool Craft Beer are the hop-heads behind this one. They’ll be spending the majority of the time brewing, pouring and tasting. All in the name of research, of course. Their beers are stocked throughout Liverpool and beyond and are making big moves for a small brewery. Camp and Furnace have been and still are at the heart of the Baltic Triangle’s renaissance so their involvement is something most would expect. From Bongo’s Bingo to Food Slam, near enough everyone has a memory from the space. The 23 Club, beneath The Clove Hitch, is a little hidden gem where the soup of the day is always beer and they’re throwing in a helping hand with pairing food and drink.


The craft beer boys plan to experiment with the beer menu and use the seasons to influence and satisfy the connoisseurs out there. This plans to be the new hop headquarters of the city and a must for all beer-lovers. The venue, designed by Smiling Wolf, is stripped back to its industrial roots – allowing the brewery installation to be the star of the show. Dark glamour and a touch of escapism set the tone for the many adventures and memories to flow from the 13 taps. The brewery opens 4th December and it’s safe to say, they’ll be arranging some form of piss up in a brewery. They will also be launching with some pretty out-there beers that’ll shock your palette. A Blackberry India Pale Ale, a Russian Kvass and a cinnamon raisin stout and a partridge in a pear tree.


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