The Quarter is a buzzing and vibrant restaurant on the cobbles of Falkner Street.

Whilst being renowned for its food, the venue is understated for its romance. The Quarter brings the best of Europe together; the road looks like something out of Amsterdam, the decor is reminiscent of Paris and the food is Italian inspired. It doesn’t get much more continental than that. It is the perfect place to drink lattes and look at the stunning views of the Cathedrals. Romance isn’t dead, it was just hiding in The Quarter. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon or an evening with a loved one (whether they have two or four legs)

It’s a family run restaurant and is famed for it’s unique vibe as it’s fresh and contemporary take on European cuisine using local produce. It’s a place for absolutely everyone, even four legged friends which is exactly why we sent our repawter Marley to sniff it out. Over the years The Quarter has tripled in size and is now known for a brilliant deli. Whether you’re staying in or taking away, you’re guaranteed quality. It’s easy going nature is perfect for late mornings, quick coffees, sharing boards, business meetings, doggy day outs, catch-ups, dates and more.

Things the dogs need to know:

-Dogs are allowed both inside & out
– Great people watching spots at the outside tables
– Lots of customers for belly scratches on demand
– Water available on request

Things the humans need to know:

– Food is of a very high standard, we haven’t had a bad meal there yet.
– If the sun’s out be prepared for a fight to the death for an outside spot
If you survive a tussle for a table then the dessert menu might kill you off. All the cakes are incredible! The desserts really are fantastic and worth a visit for coffee and cake alone
Thank you so much to Marley and her owner. You can keep up with their travels here.
The Quarter
7 Falkner St, Liverpool L8 7PU