We’ve been on the gin diet recently, so far we’ve lost three days.

June 9th is ‘World Gin Day’, a day of appreciation for the quintessential British drink. It was once described as the scourge of 18th century society and was also once forgotten and left to demise in the back of our kitchen cupboards. Liverpool – a city well known for its spirit but the only difference is this time it doesn’t half go well with tonic. Whilst gin isn’t anything new (the juniper-based tipple has evolved over the course of a millennium) it has never been appreciated as much as it has now. So much so we’ve compiled a list to show how much Liverpool is enjoying the ‘resurgince’. Pour yourself a g+t and get comfy because if you don’t fancy one by now, you will at the end of reading this.

Indulge In Gin Afternoon Tea

A carousel of cakes, finger sandwiches and layers of deliciousness. What could possibly be done to make the traditional afternoon tea we all know and love better? Oh, gin. Hadn’t thought of that. Head to Jenever on Hope Street to get yours.


Spend An Evening At A Gin Yard

Furnival’s Well was already the ‘prison’ you’ll never want to leave but they’ve added to it by opening ‘Fezziwig’s Gin Yard’ – a slice of sanity in the busy and bustling city centre that is the new place to be. Despite being immensely comfy and pretty – they’ve got some of the best shakers in the city slinging out gins so good you’ll never want to leave.

Order This Mobile Vintage Gin Bar

Bring the gin tin party to you. The guys at Juniper1933 can create a wedding you won’t forget, the perfect party piece, a creative corporate event or festival shenanigans. Contact them here.

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Eat Gin Cake

Not content with just drinking it, we’ve found a way to eat it. Thanks to Laura’s Little Bakery and her wizard-like cake skills, we have this strawberry and passion fruit fizz gin cake. Marvel at it, take a picture and then dunk your face in it. You can find her cakes at Filter + Fox, Petit Cafe Du Coin or contact her directly here


Drink In A Gin Bar

Yes, we’re not kidding, there are entire venues dedicated to the stuff. The Underground Gin Society – a beautiful basement on Castle Street with a vast amount of gins. Make sure you check out Tappers Gin whilst you’re there. Also check out Jenever, Furnival’s Well, Berry & Rye, 81LTD and Jenny’s for an incredible cocktail.

Drink at Liverpool’s Premiere Gin Garden

Throughout the last few summers gin lovers and sun worshippers have come together at Botanical Garden, an urban wonderland where the gin would flow. Gardens and gin go hand in hand but this is not like the others. We eagerly anticipate its re-opening.


Join A GinNasium At The Belevedere

The Belvedere, a beloved institution in a Georgian house intends to train your palettes and exercise your taste buds in the noble pursuit of a gintastic experience with their “GinNasium”. Currently you can exercise on 18 different workouts and they all go well with tonic. Main exercises include curling a glass of gin and tonic from the table to your mouth. 


Address: 5 Sugnall St, Liverpool L7 7EB

Go On A Gin Journey

Go on a journey of your city through the wonders of gin and try exclusive cocktails at Liverpool’s best bars. Ride from each bar to in a unique gin carriage and well, need we say anymore? You know the addiction is strong when you create a gin carriage. Tickets here


Make This Blood Orange Gin Sour

Thanks to the guys at The Gin To My Tonic they’ve curated a special cocktail for us using local gin that is easy to make but dangerously easy to drink.

50ml of Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin, dash of sugar syrup, squeeze of fresh orange juice (adjust according to taste preference), squeeze of fresh lemon juice (adjust according to taste preference), 1 egg white.

Fill a cocktail glass with ice. Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for 30-40 seconds. Add ice and then shake again for a further 30-40 seconds (this helps the egg white to foam up nicely!). Strain into the chilled cocktail glass, rose petal garnish is optional!

Drink Gin Tea

Ever felt like you aren’t quite hitting your patriotic quota? This is one sure way to hit it. Leaf Tea Shop aren’t shy to the sight of a cup of tea but you might not find this one at The Royal Family’s breakfast. Try the Champagne Cassis infused gin and tonic for something special. 


Address: 65-67 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EZ

Drink Liverpool’s Very Own Gin

Believe it or not, Liverpool has its very own gin. Yep, it even has a Liver bird on it and everything. Crack this open nonchalantly at your next dinner party and let the dropped jaws and compliments roll in. Get yourself a bottle at Lunya, Whisky Business or R & H Fine Wines. It’s in short supply so be quick.


Marvel At This Sign

We’ve asked Oh Me Oh My a million times if we could have it for our office but they’re yet to answer our email. Until then, head down and see it for yourself.


Address: West Africa House, 25 Water St, Liverpool L2 0RG

Drink Gin Out Of A Disco Ball

Ever wondered what it was like to drink out of a disco ball? If you have, you’re our kinda people. Crack the code and enter Liverpool’s most secret bar Ex-Directory through a telephone box and there’s one of these available at the other end.


Get A Hamper Full Of Gin

Everyone loves a hamper. A mysterious treasure trove full of interesting products. Delifonseca specialise and pride themselves on exactly that and they will happily whip you up a pretty incredible gin hamper that you need in your life. Have a look here


Talk To An Expert

You might just see gin as a fun way to escape the week but there’s actually a pretty incredible history behind it and some interesting ways to drink it to bring out some of the hidden notes and flavours in the gin. Head to Whisky Business, ask for Murph, pull up a chair and get him to talk about gin. Don’t let their names fool you, they’re serious about gin.


Address: The Old Ropery, Fenwick Street, L2 7NT

Order Gin & Tonic Cookies

We were sure when we saw this on the Internet it was a hoax. A cruel, delicious hoax. But, it turns out they’re real. Thanks to Squidges you can now, kind of, get drunk on cookies. Check them out here


Visit A Gin Festival

Liverpool loves gin so much we throw parties in its name. Not just one either, we’re no amateurs. Throughout the year the celebrations dedicated entirely to the wonders of gin will range from the rather stunning Sefton Park Palm House to the equally beautiful St George’s Hall and The Crypt. The ‘Gin To My Tonic Show’ at Echo Arena in September looks good and we’d also recommend the Absolutely Fabulous Gin Festival this month. 


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