Can you feel the electricity?

Whilst change is scary, it is also inevitable. In our lifetimes we will all bid farewell to places we hold dear to our heart. Places we danced, ate, drank, kissed, fell in love and out of love. Whilst goodbye’s are never easy, the blow can be softened when the future of the building is in the right hands. As long as homage is paid and the space is used to create new memories, it can be a good thing. This gets us quite aptly on to ‘Electric’, the latest venture from the guys that brought you Salt House Tapas, Hanover St Social and Salthouse Bacaro.


It will be breathing life into The Cabin Club, one of Liverpool’s most famous buildings. A venue where the carpets have never changed and where they had enough balls to knock back Paul McCartney at one point. This building is precious to a lot of people in Liverpool and whilst it is about to change, we have been assured it is for the better and the evolution will be one that will be enjoyed by all.


Liverpool fell in love at first slice with pizza some years ago but the pizza train shows no sign of stopping. Cheese laden goodness will be dripping out of the new place as it will specialise in wood fired pizza. Electric will be stylish, casual and will work perfectly with an impressive Italian food and cocktail offering. There’s rumours they’ve got more Campari than Italy itself and we definitely want to investigate this further.

More info soon. Follow them on Twitter here for now.