Where dreams come covered in red salt.

Liverpool – the kind of place where people go out on a Monday night and couldn’t care less about Tuesday morning. Yes, we’re known for our partying and whilst we applaud the bar scene that allows it to happen, there’s a special little place that we’ve all got in common. A place where lovers meet, break up and where near enough everything is covered in a magical red salt shrouded in mystery. We’re of course talking about Nabzys, Liverpool’s premier chicken shop that is hand-licking good and an absolute must for a pit-stop on a night out.


Of all the chicken shops in Liverpool, why do so many walk in to this place? Is it the suspiciously close branding and colour scheme to a well known chicken chain? Is it the obvious stock images of food illuminated on the back board destroying your retina? Or is it the friendly staff? There are few places that reach the dizzy heights of having a cult-like following in Liverpool, and Nabzys falls into that prestigious bracket. It isn’t every day you can meet your new best mate whilst waiting for a garlic bread and never think about them a second after stepping outside the door. Due to the fact near everyone eats what Nabzys is cooking up, it’s as wide a spectrum of society as you’re likely to get. A unique portrait of contemporary society and insight into Liverpool where labourers, bankers, students, dancers, buskers and more are unified, if it just be for one night. A jumbo bucket of Liverpool life.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.36.53

In a world of gastronomic pretence and food made with surgeon-like precision, it’s a welcome refuge to have your chips thrown around the room like a ballroom dancer with reckless abandon. To have one huge corner of sauce, rather than an even spread on top. The sure fire thing you’ll be happy to wake up next to after a night out. Nabzys unapologetically stands for good times. The modest square footage is occupied by weird and wonderful hedonists, at different stages of inebriation, all ending their night in the same place. Does Nabzys do the best food in the world? Possibly. Is it the greatest place in the world? Certainly. Like other beloved chicken shops all over the UK, it is less about the chicken and more about the people; both behind and in front of the counter.

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