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Liverpool isn’t short of beautiful parks.

Calderstones, Croxteth, Sefton, Princes, Stanley… just to name a few. And the local residents of Smithdown haven’t been left out either as they have Greenbank Park on their doorstep. We spent many an evening, during our misspent youth, in Greenbank Park and made many a futile attempt to climb the monkey bars. It’s always been a great place to spend the day with the family, have a BBQ, sunbathe, fish and complain about the inflation of a 99er. But in the more recent months many have made the journey to Greenbank Park for a very different reason. To eat, drink and admire The Watering Can – the stunning new cafe situated within the picturesque park.

The Watering Can is open 7 days per week, serving high quality breakfasts until noon; seasonal bistro specials, sandwiches, salads, sharing platters and amazing cakes throughout the afternoon. The décor integrates reclaimed window shutters from a Victorian mansion, distressed and waxed scaffolding boards, rusted tin and tree trunks. It’s a Pinterest lover’s dream. What’s even lovelier is owner Keith made every single table in the café with his own hands. Two of the main focal points are the rustic wooden bar, which displays an array of mouth-watering cakes, baked in-house and from a selected few local artisan bakers; and, a beautiful conservatory which looks out onto the Victorian Walled garden which was part of the grounds of the Rathbone’s family estate. It’s hard not to fall in love with the space.

Keith and Phil are the two guys behind the place. As wonderful as things are now, it hasn’t been the easiest journey. Keith says, “It was a long hard slog to get the project off the ground, to negotiate the lease, navigate planning and align financial backers. We could have easily set a café up within 6 months on the High street, but, I wanted to do something really special in the park that sets us apart from other restaurants” . Along with his partner Phil, they have created a rustic, industrial style café that brings the park inside, with the whole front of the café sliding open. Phil says, “the name The Watering Can is a nod to the walled garden and the potting shed that was situated on the site that was developed”.