Card Members Get

  Portion of free wings (portion of 4) (min spend £5) per card holder when they dine at either site in Crosby or Smithdown

A few years ago if you were about to leave the house and tell someone you were ‘off for a Spitroast’, you’d have been met with childish laughter and/or lots of questions. But now the good people of Smithdown Road and Crosby are lucky enough to have an independent neighbourhood eatery to be proud of. And best of all; it’s good for you.

Now in the midst of an explosive independent food scene in Liverpool with Korean BBQ’s on Bold St and Ethiopian restaurants on Lodge Lane – it’s safe to say we’re getting a bit adventurous with our food. But, as much as you’d like to, you couldn’t indulge in bulgogi beef every night of the week. We’d give it a bloody good try like but would it be worth the inevitable IBS flare-up? We’re not so sure. 

The free range poultry, organic where they can, is nothing but the best quality. The crispy skin, the tender and juicy meat just a layer below – it’s a bite to be savoured and something we wouldn’t judge you for having a private and silent moment with. Yes, near enough all of us have tried chicken in our lives before but this isn’t just any chicken. It’s a ‘close your eyes whilst you’re eating it’ chicken and let out the odd moan. It’s not deep fried, it’s not showered in sauces – it’s honest and well looked-after.

The superstar chicken is present throughout the whole menu – even though it’s used in a variety of dishes. You can go to Thailand for Thai green curry, head to Japan for the chicken ramen noodle soup or Italy for the chicken pesto pasta. If you’re veggie and still reading this, fear not, there’s a variety of incredible salads and sides. The Moroccan cous cous, Mediterranean roasted veg and the wok fried greens being a personal favourite of ours. 

Their Sunday roast is also all kinds of epic. Half rotisserie chicken, crispy roast potatoes, glazed parsnips, rosemary peas, creamed greens, sweet potato mash & chicken gravy. Can you believe it? You can eat a roast that would rival your Ma’s without lifting a finger, all whilst lying on the couch. Yes, it’s wonderful to be nostalgic about the old times and maybe the 1960’s did have a certain charm about it but what other decade could you eat buffalo wings in your PJ’s without having to pause Luther on Netflix? We rest our case.

Spitroast isn’t a fad, it’s not jumping on the bandwagon of latest food trends – it’s familiar, nutritious and delicious food served so well you could eat it every night of the week and not feel any guilt at all. Well, maybe the wallet would take a hit but the waistline wouldn’t change. Eat in or take away, the choice is yours but the guarantee of quality is there either way. The only difference is who’d be doing the dishes.

Independent Liverpool cardholders can get a portion of free wings (portion of 4) (min spend £5) per card holder when they dine at either site in Crosby or Smithdown.