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An urban jungle right in the city centre.

Just a few years ago, before indoor plants became so popular, there were a rare few opting for greenery in their abode, with many opting for faux foliage that did the job and didn’t need water. In 2020 we can’t get, or grow, enough. The gateway drug was cacti but the prickly buggers led to succulents stirring things up with some people finding it hard to move in their own home due to plants. Not just in terracotta pots – but plastered on walls, couches, prints and more – the world has gone wild for flora. As a result, specialist and independent offerings have sprouted up all over Liverpool but there’s one quaint little shop in the beautiful Bluecoat home to Root House Plants that are responsible for most of the foliage you see around Liverpool.

Like most good ideas that come to be, Lisa created Root House Plants because she couldn’t find a similar service in Liverpool. Upon making the big move to live with her boyfriend she couldn’t find affordable and unusual houseplants anywhere. So rather than go on to the 2nd page of Google she decided to open the business she wanted. She started selling on eBay and then developed a web shop and went on to the amazing ‘Pop-Up In The Palmhouse’ where she met lots of plant lovers. Soon after a space came available in the Red Brick Hanger and Lisa decided to test the water and just like the plants that started this journey, Root hasn’t stopped growing.