It’s been impossible to have a social media account in the last couple of months and not heard about or seen Wreckfish.

It follows the story of Gary Usher; restaurateur, entrepreneur and pyromaniac. Back in February Gary his team took on the derelict 19th century watchmakers in the Ropewalks area. The building currently lays in between such atmosphere and energy you may have walked past it a million times without even realising. After a hugely successful, weeklong pop up pay what you want event at the venue in February the team has launched a £200k crowdfunding campaign. If successful, this will be the largest ever amount raised in the UK by Kickstarter for a restaurant. Ambitious? Perhaps, but if there’s anyone that can do it, it’s him.

The pop-up entertained 150 guests. There was no running water, no electricity, no heating water, no floor plan, no oven, no lights and at most times, no clue. Despite the basic amenities, they made it work and they want to offer all of the city their food. This time with toilets. At this point Gary and Wreckfish seem almost interchangeable. It’s hard to decipher where the restaurant finishes and the man begins, which we’re sure Gary would agree is both a gift and a curse. One thing that is undeniable is that the man is made from a different cut of cloth. His passion for unique settings and simple yet stunning food that, at some times, deserves a frame around it is endearing. His charisma is contagious and in the last few months he’s captivated the city of Liverpool about the restaurant that could be.

We caught up with him: “It’s always been our hope to bring humble, honest food to neighbourhoods throughout the region- it’s what we did with Sticky Walnut and it’s what works so well for us. Liverpool holds a special place in my heart, having worked just down the street from where Wreckfish is now.  The response to the pop up we held earlier this year was amazing and made it obvious that this is what people want.

“Opening in a city centre is something new for us, but with the community spirit and neighbourhood feel that Liverpool has, as well as the rise in demand for new restaurants in the area, we know Wreckfish will fit right in. There has already amazing support from suppliers and customers, new and old. Now I just now can’t wait to open.”

Set to launch in September 2017, the menu will include signature dishes from the other three restaurants as well as some other tricks up their sleeves. Pledges include meal vouchers, an invitation to the Wreckfish launch party, private dining and restaurant hire, to name but a few. The Wreckfish trailer can be found here. It’s no denying Liverpool is on a roll and the food and drink scene is exploding with intriguing venues almost every month. Throw a few quid and let’s make Wreckfish a reality and keep this city going from strength to strength. The crowdfunder can be found here.