It’s cold and miserable outside. We can’t go out and catch up with friends. And daily walks aren’t really cutting it.

If you’re like us and need a restaurant fix at least once a week, then you’re probably feeling lost right now. Yes it’s brilliant and easy to load up your favourite delivery service app and have amazing food on your lap in half an hour but for those who fancy getting involved in the cooking, there’s some brilliant places offering DIY cooking kits. KP not included. 

All the sense of accomplishment without doing even half of the hard work. What better way to help curb our lockdown cravings, and support our favourite indies, than bringing our favourite restaurants to us? 


With working from home a reality for millions in the UK at the moment, Matta’s have launched a delivery box scheme containing some of their favourite recipes by well known foodies in vegan circles.Co-owner and brainchild behind the idea Dalip Matta maintained that with footfall reduced in town of late, the scheme was a great opportunity to explore untapped markets.“We do get asked a lot about recipes for a variety of diverse cuisines especially healthy ones and we’re currently testing the market to see how popular they are by putting together delivery boxes containing some of our favourites and their ingredients.” More here.

Taco or Don’t

Many will know Joe Wild, the guy who started Taco or Don’t, for slinging bevs in some of Liverpool’s best bars but he’s now swapped the cocktail shaker for the taco press. Taco or Don’t is Mexican street food at its best and they’re offering cooking kits for you to make your own tacos, nachos and more at home. More info here.


‘Belzan at Home’ is offering a changing weekly menu with lots of new dishes. Their new deli and wine store is restocked with meals, wine and produce every week. They’ve also been known to do French Dip takeaways on selected dates – so keep your eye on their Instagram page for all news and updates. We despise this word but Belzan is really brilliant for ‘foodies’ (yuk!) And offers some quite special meals. Info here


Delifonseca’s Dine at Home has been a real hit so far. Their menu changes often and has been based on a variety of themes such as American Thanksgiving, classic French and classic British comfort food. Available for collection or delivery, it can be ordered through their website. Their deli is also open if you want to purchase any extras. Info here.

Baltic Social 

Famous for their Bottomless Roasts, and Breakfast Boxes, they’re offering their infamous Punk Afternoon for delivery on Valentines Weekend. It even comes complete with roses and Prosecco if you’re feeling generous. You need to book this one early as is it guaranteed to sell out. More here.

Churrasco Steakhouse

Churrasco Steakhouse is offering a Steak cook-along at home including, of course, steaks and plenty of sides. They’re live streaming the cook-along on Fridays to guide you through. They are also open for takeaway dishes to collect. More here.

Kilty and Co

Kilty and Co are offering a gorgeous, changing menu including their signature beef dripping popcorn – worth ordering for this alone. It also comes with free delivery to Liverpool areas. Previous menus have included a chocolate fondant with Caramac sauce that would make Gregg Wallace need to have the spoon surgically removed from his mouth after a bite. Website here.

Lu Ban Kitchen 

Lu Ban Restaurant has recently launched their new home service called Lu Ban Kitchen. Designed to bring their range of Chinese dishes to your home – who doesn’t want to spend the night making barbecue ribs or siu mai? Their heat-at-home menu includes twelve regional Chinese specialities. Website here.


If you’re looking for more of a fine-dining experience, look no further than Roski. Their boxes are three-quarters complete by their chefs with easy to follow instructions for you to finish off at home. They are only releasing limited quantities, so you need to order quickly. Info here.

Elite Bistros at Home

From the team behind much loved Seel Street favourite Wreckfish, Elite Bistros at Home is designed to give you the perfect experience. All you need to do is finish the food off in your own kitchen. Drinks can also be arranged so it really is a win-win. Their online shop is open Friday- Tuesday and all deliveries are for the following Friday. Buy here.


As well as their collect a roast, Maray have recently rolled out their Meal Kits for the perfect at-home restaurant experience. Included in the box is everything you need to cook up the absolute feast including mezze, falafel, and mains. A selection of wines and cocktails are also available. Order here.

Boxed Meals

Situated in North Liverpool, Boxed Meals are another new venture. Created by two local chefs with over thirty years in the food industry, they’re providing restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your own home. Their menu includes plenty of sushi, spring rolls and bao buns. Be sure to check them out here.

Olive and Grape Bistro

Olive and Grape Bistro in Mossley Hill are offering their gorgeous bistro experience in the comfort of your own home (you can even add on wine and cocktails to complete your experience). Their ‘at home’ menus have been focusing on various themes with French and Spanish themed menus proving to be popular. Info here.


Queen Avenue is one alley everyone in Liverpool knows. It’s affectionally referred to as ‘Liverpool’s Diagon Alley’ and is home to Queens – a beautiful French-style bistro. During lockdown they’ve launched a burger takeaway concept but they’re also doing themed cook at home boxes. Website here.

Wholesome Junkies

You may know Wholesome Junkies from their appearance on ‘Million Pound Menu’ or their stall in Baltic Market. They proudly sell no-nonsense vegan junk food that comes piled high and is great for vegans and non-vegans. The DIY burger kits are super simple to assemble and you also get their famous tater tots. You can also add on vegan cheesecakes, chikn bites and more sides. Order here.

If you’re looking for some drinks to wash it down with we’d definitely recommend Black Lodge Brewery, Berry & Rye, Pickled Olive, Adbitory, Bunch, R&H Fine Wines as a few places to get started.

By Guest Writer: Kate Rogers – Found on Instagram as @sheeatsanything