Ever been so hungover you’ve Googled “Can you die from a hangover?”. You’re not alone.

Hangovers are nature’s way of grounding you as an adult and although you may be able to still party like a rock star, the older you get the harder it is to recover. If you’ve just turned legal drinking age and you’re thinking “I never get bad hangovers” – you’re time will come and we’ll all be waiting for it with a smirk. In between the sheer horror of being tagged in photos on Facebook and being told “I saw you last night” by people you definitely don’t remember seeing, hangovers are tough.

Every month there’s a different article professing to have uncovered the cure for hangovers and rather than add to the sea of clickbait, we’re offering a refreshingly honest list of things that will help you over the morning after. The Science may be questionable but we guarantee a good time. You may want to lay horizontal all day eating an eclectic mix of salty and sweet products until you disgust yourself enough to go to bed but it won’t cure it, these will. From rounds of golf to spicy sui mai fries, hangovers everywhere, beware, we’re coming for you.

Go For A Round Of Golf

Not your normal round of golf by any means, you may want to leave the visors, linen trousers and frightening jumpers at home for this one. Located in Cains Brewery, Ghetto Golf is an 18-hole urban wonderland of good old fashioned fun with a Liverpool twist. Navigate around the holes, have a laugh with your mates and finish it off with a Meet Frank hot dog. Your hangover is no match for the Pacman room.


Nothing helps fight fatigue like a good coffee. For those mornings where you’re that tired your coffee needs a coffee, we’d recommend a dose of Bold Street Coffee, 92 Degrees or Cow & Co. It’s also the perfect time to try and piece together the night before with your friends. Some scientists and forums seem to disagree with this theory but we doubt those people have tasted a flat white from Bold St Coffee. For more coffee spots, check out our guide here.



Don’t look, don’t read, just delete. Delete and never look back. The less you know at this point the better and if we’re going to get through this day together, this is a must. If there’s no proof you texted your ex at 5am in the morning asking how their cat is, then it definitely never happened.

EAT Something Spicy

Not any chip butty, mind you. Say hello to Mowgli’s Indian inspired chip butty that has probably already made you salivate. Turmeric Fenugreek fries, red onion, green chilli, chilli pickle, Mowgli tomato relish and fresh coriander. Now you’ve just got to decide whether it’s a barm or a butty. Anyone who thinks it’s a chip muffin, close this tab and go have a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. The bit of spice will perk you up, for more spiced-up dishes click here.



Tea is the quintessential British drink the very ground beneath us was built on. It has helped solve problems for some time now through and it’s pretty good for a hangover. For a cup of the good stuff, we recommend LEAF, Crosby Tea Rooms, Alison Appleton and Oh Me Oh My for a tea with a view. Never has being patriotic tasted so good.



There are a few places around the city stocking box shaped relics of a much simpler time. Sugar & Dice is one of the city’s first board gaming establishments and it’s an awesome world where each board comes with a huge side of nostalgia. You’ll be so engrossed in Cluedo you’ll forget you’re even worse for ware. There’s also cake if all else fails.

Address: 33 Cornhill, Liverpool L1 8DP

Movies And Chill

Woolton Cinema (also known as Woolton Picture House) has held a place in the people of Liverpool’s hearts since 1927. Not far off the incredible century but doesn’t look a day over 21 if you ask us. It is the only remaining single-screen cinema in the city, and is popular with cinema enthusiasts because of its old-fashioned atmosphere. If the film doesn’t distract you the little interval with ice cream might.

Address: 3 Mason St, Liverpool L25 5JH


None of that frocks, scones and cucumber sandwich nonsense, a punk and pimped up version, obviously. Baltic Social has become famous for their carousel of sliders, mini-hot dogs and other delights served on vinyl and whilst we can’t imagine a moment in the year we wouldn’t jump at the chance to eat it, it is especially good hungover. You see that tea pot? It’s full of beer, thank us later. For more amazing afternoon tea, click here.


Climb Vestey Tower

Fancy panoramic views of Liverpool 500ft above sea level? We know just the place. Vestey Tower is at the top of the equally stunning and iconic Liverpool Cathedral. Climb the 108 stairs and feel as if you’re on top of Liverpool. You’ll see the whole city like never before. Not only will you get a good sweat on and some great views at the top but you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something which, let’s face it, rarely happens when hungover. (St James Mt, Liverpool L1 7AZ)


A new ice cream parlour launched in Liverpool last year at Calderstones park and we all know ice cream has special ice-cold healing powers. There’s a wide range of delicious flavours but we recommend you go down for the ‘Independent Liverpool sundae’, it’s basically a mountain of moorish scrumptiousness. It consists of sticky toffee pudding ice cream, chocolate ripple cookie dough ice cream, butterscotch ice cream, squirty cream and crushed Maltesers with a cherry on top. Consider your hangover gone. Read more about the parlour here



Away from caffeine and excessive eating, sometimes, just simply watching the world go by can solve it all. People and clouds in sync, moving as one like something out of a Lowry painting. People watching as the general public go about the day as you zone out can be just what the body, brain and soul needs. Head to The Albert Dock, Bluecoat Courtyard or Everton Brow for lovely views that’ll remind you everything is going to be just fine.

Photo by Geoff Drake


They say laughter is the best medicine of all and this has never failed to tickle us.


Photo by @catherinedoart, check out her Instagram here.

Get A Bath… A Turkish One

A real Turkish delight – but this one you can’t eat. Smithdown Road; home to all walks of life and one very special cheese cake factory. Many know the area very well but did you know that amongst the plethora of shops, there’s an authentic Turkish Bath? The only one in the North West is in Liverpool we’ll have you know. A Turkish bath is the Islamic variant of the Roman bath, steam bath, sauna, or Russian banya, distinguished by a focus on water, as distinct from ambient steam. Let it wash away the sins from the night before.

Address: 187 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 2HD


Now, we know this is going to be hard but we actually recommend getting up, putting on pants (we know we’re asking a lot) and go for a walk. Liverpool has got a lot of natural loveliness amidst the man-made and we recommend a simple stroll. There’s lots of lovely parks but you can’t beat a hungover schlep along the Otterspool prom. Take in the fresh air, let the tranquility of the Mersey put you at ease and if you look close enough, you can see the Welsh mountains on a clear day. The Georgian Quarter is also a rather beautiful area to walk around, especially with the cherry blossoms. 

photo by Simon James


Brunch is basically breakfast where you turn up fashionably late. Perfect for revellers of the night who want to spend the morning contemplating their prior actions in a dark room. Lucky for Liverpool, there’s a bit of a brunch epidemic at the moment. It’s a tossup between Moose’s hash, Maray’s Shakschuka or Lucha Libre’s brunch tray for us but there are lots more suggestions here. And also, what’s brunch without a Mimosa? 



There are no words for this one, folks. Laura’s Little Bakery has created something special that puts any cake in the world to shame. It’s a peanut butter, red velvet chocolate creation crafted by some sort of Godly being and it needs to be in and around your mouth instantly. Get it from either Filter + Fox or SOUND on Duke St or Red Berry in Baltic Triangle.



Have you heard of the Exit Strategy Game yet? There are many rooms and within each room is a story. You’ll have to find hidden objects and clues in order to crack the codes in this afternoon of part theatre part puzzle experience. Unfortunately, the old bald presenter is no longer available and there is no catching flying money at the end but fun all the same. More info here


During a hangover your brain throws a tidal wave of dessert cravings at you. Your body yearns for something sweet, but only a few things can cure that sweet tooth. The baked cheesecake with a sticky chocolate sauce from Tribeca made us moan out loud and the Oreo cookie waffles with ice cream from Slim’s made us develop genuine feelings for a dessert. You never forget your first. For more dessert suggestions, click here. If you can’t leave the house, we recommend The Midnight Delivery or Treaty Pie who will both deliver beautiful boxes of sugary goodness.

oreocookiez (1)

Stretch It Out At Yoga

We know you’re probably thinking: “yoga? namast’ay in bed” but trust us, it’ll be good for your soul. That is, if you didn’t leave it in The Raz. If you did, could you have a little look for ours? An hour of tranquil yoga in a beautiful surrounding and a soothing voice from a proper grown-up can be just what the doctor ordered. Head to Your Yoga Studios, White Wolf Yoga or if you fancy something special, there’s the occasional silent disco yoga at Sefton Park Palm House.


Suggestions that require you leaving the house are all well and good but we all know it isn’t that easy. There are, some hangovers out there, that are relentless in there escapade to not allow you to move. If you’re experiencing one of them, in between removing yourself from tagged photos from the night before, we recommend ringing a pizza in. Give American Pizza Slice a call for a slice of New York that is much more than a big apple and Otto’s Pizza, proud owners of the prestigious “biggest pizza in the city” title. They also do a Nutella s’mores pizza that is, quite frankly, out of this world. Check out our pizza guide here.


Visit This Plaque

Sir Ian McKellen recently ate a jacket potato at University of Liverpool and since then a blue plaque has been erected to commemorate it. Visit it, photograph it, let it bemuse you and then go about your day. Not going to lie, there’s not much literature in this field in its relation to hangover curing but we’ve got a good hunch it might help.


Your body needs this. Your weary eyes from the night before are not deceiving you, there is such a thing as deep fried sui mai fries and they’re even better than you’re imagining. We always feel like a good spicy dish the day after is a good opportunity to sweat out all the alcohol and regret. Look no further than this basket of joy. Spicy, crispy and all round delicious. Eating them hungover is kind of like being in a sauna but you don’t have to have an awkward conversation with someone who is comfortable being naked. Get them from Slim’s Pork Chop Express on Seel St. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 01.06.16

Look/Cry At This Photo

Meet the 91 year old woman in Crosby (on Bridge Road) who celebrated her wool shop being open 50 years this year. Yes, we have something in our eyes too. Let it all out, you’ll be better soon.

Drown Your Sorrows With A Freakshake

Hungover or not, there’s a good case to be argued there’s nothing better than a good milkshake. Cold, creamy and packed with sugar to give you the rush we all so longingly desire. There’s some great gaffs for shakes in the city, you can find them in our guide here but people from all over the UK travel to Barley & Beans for their freakshakes. It’s more of a challenge than a beverage and half of one will have you on the couch basking like a woozy sea lion but you’ll thank us. We think. Maybe.


We all know that one person who doesn’t know when the party stops and thanks to Morning Gloryville, it doesn’t have too. Morning Gloryville is an immersive morning dance party and are the pioneers of sober morning raving. The people that occupy it are just as vibrant as the colours that they wear. They host lots of morning raves, find out more details here.



Sunday’s are meant for roasting, not resting. We’re all well aware nobody makes a better roast than your own Mum but what if you can’t allow her to see the state you’re in? Is her Yorkshire puddings really worth being quizzed around the dinner table why you’re still single? Luckily for you, there’s some venues in Liverpool giving the tradition of Sunday roast beautiful justice. Head to Camp and Furnace hungover and starving and leave full with new friends or head to Delifonseca Dockside for something a bit special. There’s some more suggestions for a damn good Sunday roast here.



The legendary ‘hair of the dog’ has been debated for a long time between labourers and scholars alike. Is it necessary? Does it work? Do we care? We’d always recommend a good pint or a Bloody Mary after a night out. Something golden, cold and crisp or something spicy to help remove the wooziness. Head to The Caledonia, Baltic Fleet or Kavanagh’s for a pint and Berry & Rye, Death Row Dive and Diner or Salt House Bacaro for a Bloody Mary. For something extra special, head down to the intimate Jenny’s bar for an ‘Absolut Disco’, a delicious cocktail out of a disco ball. Just don’t try steal the glass. You know who you are. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 01.24.54


The world recently experienced burger-mania. They’re getting bigger, tastier and in some cases, scarier. Look past the pseudo-trash and there’s a few places at the forefront of the gourmet burger revolution. This is for the kind of hangover where you need something meaty and juicy to carry you through. Where the only thing that’ll fix you is a burger stacked skyscraper tall and that reigns in at the same weight of an average toddler. Head to Free State Kitchen for a Double French Onion Burger, Nolita Cantina for a “Big Boy” and to Yardbird for cheesy pancetta covered onion rings. There’s more burgers worth unbuckling your belt for here.

Fancy saving money at places like American Pizza Slice, Slim’s Pork Chop Express, Lucha Libre and close to 100 more independents? Check out the Independent Liverpool Membership Card, it is just £15 for one or £20 for two for a year full of discounted discovery. Shop local, discover new and save money along the way.