Veganism is not a sacrifice, it is a joy. – Gary L Francione

In many people’s minds, veganism is an underground cult that meet on a monthly basis on chairs constructed solely of lentils to eat mushrooms in fair-trade Che Guevara t-shirts. This is simply not the case, lentil chairs aren’t comfy at all. Being a vegan in a big city can feel a bit lonely. It can feel like the world is one big inside joke about how good bacon is and the extent a restaurant will go to for your lifestyle choice is mushrooms on toast. The vegan movement is growing and with it, attitudes and menus are changing. We’ve scoured Liverpool to seek out the best Liverpool has to offer a vegan and we’re pretty sure you’ll like it.

Head on Down To Liverpool’s Only Vegan Indian Restaurant

“Sanskruti” which means Tradition or Culture has been derived from the word ‘Sanskrit’ which is believed to be world’s oldest language and being originated in India. It’s a veggie and vegan restaurant but not just for those who follow that lifestyle, it’s delicious to everyone. The menu traverses the Indian sub-continent: from the ‘Thalis’ of Gujarat to the ‘Dosas’ of South India and from the ‘Chaats’ of Mumbai to the rich, unforgettable taste of North Indian curries. Try the jackfruit curry.

Prepare Yourself for Sunshine and Irie Vibes At ItalFresh

The dastardly duo behind the Caribbean street Ital-Fresh are making waves in the vegan community. From their rasta bowl to their famous wings n ting, people from all over the country are travelling for their unique vegan Caribbean food. Catch them popping up at different events around the city.

Stock Your Cupboards

Pop in to The Purple Carrot, on Smithdown Road, a whole food vegan haven that’ll have you like a kid in a sweet shop. From vegenaise to tofurky, there’s a whole host of deliciousness that awaits that will have you finding any excuse to open your cupboards when there are guests at your house to show off. Don’t act like you don’t do it. Matta’s on Bold Street is also full of all sorts of wonderful produce. Fancy some money off at Purple Carrot? You can save 10% when using your Independent Liverpool card. 


As if you needed any more excuse to go to Mowgli, here’s another. Tiffin tiers are a staple in Indian culture. A compact, portable, homemade lunch full of delicious veggies and sauces that has been the fuel for India for some time now. The tiffin culture has started a legacy, go find out what the fuss is all about.



You can now have your cake and eat it thanks to the connoisseur at Caz’s Kitchen, Crosby Coffee, Cakehole, The Nakery and more. The doughnuts from Wild Loaf are also brilliant. We, however, love these cake jars from The Nakery. It goes frighteningly well with a coffee. Everyone walks into a place with cake happy as they know they’re about to devour a big fat slice of happiness and now vegans can join the brigade. 


Liverpool is in the midst of a foodie revolution and as our offering expands, so does the one for all you lovely vegans. Places like Down The Hatch are near enough 100% vegan, The Bagelry is very vegan and we’d also recommend popping into Evil Eye Burrito, The Old Hardware Shop, Craft Taproom, Cow & Co Cafe, Our Kitchen, Maray, Yuet Ben, Etsu, Lunya and The Egg. As you can see from the line-up, we’re talking about some of the best haunts in the city so you’re know you’re in for a good meal.


Over-Indulge at Liverpool’s First Street Food Market

Baltic Market is Liverpool’s first street food market and opened up last year. Based in Cains Brewery, thousands and thousands of foodies have headed down for a night of fun in the name of local. The fact it is our venue holds no bearing on this message but we’re insanely vegan friendly. Lots of different stalls and near enough all have a vegan friendly option. From wood-fired pizzas to loaded sweet potato fries – we don’t blame you for drooling or visiting us twice in the same day. More here.


A carousel of cakes, finger-sized sandwiches and delicious treats with a big pot of tea on the side, what more could you want? Swap the tea for prosecco and yeah, you’re doing this whole life thing right. Crosby Tea Rooms and Tea Parlour have both created an afternoon tea suitable for vegans that’ll have your Instagram and vegan friends in raptures.



Pizza is universal and anyone who doesn’t enjoy it needs to have a good hard look at themselves. As many dish the meat and more in a valiant journey of veganism, the guys at Home Slice are there to offer a victory slice. They’re based at Grand Central Food Bazaar. We’d also recommend Crust and Frederiks for an awesome slice.

Go To Liverpool’s First Vegan Pub

The Caledonia is a legendary pub based in the beautiful Georgian Quarter that people have been frequenting for years. Very recently they decided to go fully vegan. Vegan burgers, vegan beers, cookie sandwiches and more. Just look at how good that burger looks. Craft Taproom in Smithdown Rd are also about to turn mostly vegan.


Have you heard the news? White Wolf Yoga are about to open their own city centre studio with a vegan kitchen beside it. The food is by Studio Raw Liverpool who’s food is so good it looks more like art. No, honest, we’re being deadly serious. A perfect opportunity to combine the worlds of inner peace and food in one roll matt covered setting. Namaste. More info here.


Cheat On Your Diet At Down The Hatch

Down The Hatch – Liverpool’s dirty veggie junk food bunker is where meat eaters and zealous veggies collide for the love of deep fried goodness.  Proper home cooked food but with a junk food twist – there’s nowhere like it in the city. A place where cutlery has no home, a place to eat like no one’s watching and a place you’ll probably need a nap after visiting. Here’s eight dishes you need to try but we find ourselves returning for the cauliflower 5 ways.

Step Inside Bold Street’s Organic Food Market

With a spectacular 10,000 sq ft market area and 50 seat restaurant, LIV is perfectly placed in the heart of the city’s thriving independent food and drink quarter, celebrating the best that Bold Street has to offer. The LIV concept is being launched by Knowsley-based Healthy Food Supplies. Inside, the market area is a must for foodies, with bespoke individual sectors, where customers are encouraged to wander round and ask the friendly experts for advice. The team have been hard at work sourcing the finest fresh, local and seasonal produce, with chilled, fresh and frozen sections. Fancy some money off? You can save 10% when paying in local Liverpool pounds. Download here.


There are many festivals and markets throughout the year – Live A Better Life, Baltic Market Vegan Market and more. for very good reason. The events are centred around providing visitors with tasty food and drinks, teaching everyone more about healthy and ethical lifestyle options, and having a great time throughout. They plan to be the perfect balance of educational and delicious, two important variables we look at before venturing to a fair. They’re quite regular and on all over the city. 


Dive Mouth First Into This Disco Cauliflower From Maray

Maray – a restaurant that needs no introductions, have been doing some pretty crazy things with a cauliflower. Cast your mind back to a time where your parents would have to mask a piece of cauliflower as some sort of automobile just to get it into your mouth and then immediately stop as that cauliflower insults this one. It’s roasted in secret spices and then drenched in harissa, yoghurt, pomegranate and toasted almonds. Most of their menu is vegan friendly, it’s definitely worth checking out.


Eat Your Greens

It’s all about that fresh fruit and veg. Luckily for you there’s a few places you can stock up. We love Adam’s Apple on Allerton Road, Matta’s on Bold Street, Windmill Wholefoods on Aigburth Road, Root 22 in Garston Village and the markets on London Road.


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