The world is but a canvas to our imagination.

One man, Dave Gee, has sketched a masterpiece. A masterpiece of quite literal epic proportions. An ode to Liverpool, a celebration of this great and most fair city, captured through pen and paper.

Dave first had his idea for Doodle Maps at an exhibition in Berlin. Someone commented on one of his doodle pieces looking like a ‘City From Above’ and that was the light bulb moment that made him go on to start producing doodle maps. Since that epiphany, Dave has now done Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and our very own city, Liverpool. Liverpool based friends of his have been telling him for ages to do a Liverpool one but it was only when he started drawing the city that he became aware of how much there was to draw.


He had his own personal favourite places that he wanted to make sure featured prominently but during the pen to paper process, he ended up finding so many cool bars, restaurants and buildings that he has not visited yet and now definitely will. He also did a pretty epic job of cramming as many independent businesses as he could into the map just to show how vibrant that scene is in the city. Liverpool is an architectural tour de force. Both regal and timeless stand side by side offering and varied and beautiful view of Liverpool from up-close and far away. Through his sketching, it is almost as if Dave has toured Liverpool. We hope it’ll encourage you and others to do the same and see what this city has to offer.


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