I thought – at most – I’d get a core of fellow softarses following the page, but it seems to have appeal with all kinds of people.”

You can sometimes get lost within the labyrinth and chaos of a Facebook timeline. An aimless world of scrolling at a silly time of morning where entertainment comes in the form of cat memes, pictures of kittens and montages of cats disrespecting their owners. Amid the chaos, there are a few things that stand out, whether it be for humour, satire or intellect and this brings us nicely to ‘Scousepirational’, a whimsical parody Facebook page that gives famous people and their quotes, such as Darth Vader, Dolly Parton and Karl Marx, a scouse spruce. The page has amassed over 4000 likes in just a couple weeks and we met up with the mysterious guy behind it, who’d rather remain anonymous, to find out where the inspiration behind one of the hottest and funniest pages in Liverpool came about.


So then, how did this all come about?

I’ve never taken Facebook seriously and it’s always been my personal comedy vehicle, even if I’m the only one laughing. I’d often see someone in the pub or at a party and they’d tell me how much they enjoy my posts and would encourage me to set up a page just for comedy stuff. A couple of months ago, I discovered a phone app which makes it really easy to add text to images, so on a whim, I started posting parody inspirational quotes. I had hundreds of likes within a few days, so I realised this might be the hook I needed to get that page going that everyone was badgering me about!


Did you have any idea it’d become as popular as it has?

I had no idea Scousepirational would become even this popular. I’m surprised that so many people seem to get my sense of humour. I thought – at most – I’d get a core of fellow softarses following the page, but it seems to have appeal with all kinds of people.  It’s really interesting to see which quotes become popular – I never thought I’d be running a Facebook page where Uncle Sam’s, Karl Marx and Dolly Parton would be getting hundreds of likes side-by-side.  I can’t help smiling when I see I’ve made someone laugh and I do a belly laugh when someone doesn’t get it at all!


What do you do when you’re not doing this?

By day, I have the privilege of working on web content at a big Liverpool institution. By night, I wait quietly to go back again the next day.


What is next for the world of Scousepirational?

The quotes will keep coming until the last celebrity dies in a few decades time and there will definitely be a website in the next few months. I’ve got some videos sketched out too, but we’ll have to see how those turn out! I’m quite interested to see how many followers I get before my mum finds out I’m doing this. I can’t post a full-stop on my own page without someone grassing me up to her, so I’m astounded I haven’t already had her on the phone telling me to stop swearing on the internet. I’m also waiting to hear back from Kellogg’s about the Scousepirational breakfast cereal, but they’re clever dudes – they’ll get onto it.


Like his Facebook page here, it’s proper boss and will get you through January.