One year after The Kazimier closed its doors for the final time and the bulldozers moved in, the team behind Liverpool’s now-legendary venue are back up and running with a NYE event planned in what is swiftly becoming one of the UK’s most daring, cutting-edge clubs.

The story of The Kazimier’s closure at the end of 2015 is a familiar one: venue makes an area desirable, property developers become interested, club gets bought out and turned into luxury flats. From The Hacienda to the recent near-miss of London’s Fabric, it’s a narrative we know all too well, and all too often a cultural scene goes down along with the space. The Kaz reminds us that DIY music venues are about non-conformity. It was fuelled by passion, inspired by culture and art, and stood for good times. For those things alone, that’s why so many fought. But, the battle was lost and whilst that is incredibly sad and it is understandable we all mourn, we must remember that there isn’t a vehicle in this world that can bulldoze the spirit of The Kaz and they’re back for their biggest party yet.


The team behind The Kazimier have managed to overcome the challenge of losing their spiritual home, and do what few other clubs have achieved: migrate their inimitable culture and following into a new space. The ‘Invisible Wind Factory’, a cavernous warehouse in Liverpool’s North Docks, is set to become the stage for a huge theatrical New Year’s Eve party. The space will be transformed into an immersive world – the city of ‘Kronia: Birthplace of Time’ – mixing immersive walk-through sets and aerial performance with live music, including The Aleph, and DJs.



The night will culminate with an operatic stage-show that demonstrates The Kazimier’s development of cutting-edge performative technology. The Kazimier was formed in 2007, staging night-time parties in their city centre base – The Kazimier Club. Fusing Elements of clubbing, theatre, experimental performance and fine art, the aim was to create a new form of ceremony – ritual experiences that would lead audiences through euphoric and psychedelic states using a mixture of art, technology and performance.



The NYE night will display the potential that the Invisible Wind Factory space holds, exploring the epic scale on offer with multiple themed zones. Here’s how the team behind the Invisible Wind Factory have described the premise of the night:

“Deep in the Caves of Kronia, a tribe of mining folk exists known as the ‘Kronalumpas’ who chisel the sacred crystal from the caves. They are making preparations for a ritual that has spanned the epochs of time – the ‘Fête of Fortune’. 

“Traditionally the festival is a time of merriment and abandon: fortune tellers decree what the future holds in the forth-coming epoch, Kronalumpas barn-dance, champion crystal-grow- ers show-off their prized wares and competitors contest the coconut-crystal shy. 

“At the centre of this festival is the Kronalumpas ‘worker’s club’ hosting a variety of entertainment from crystal wielding magicians, the Kronalumpa choir, and house-band playing hits of the epoch.”


Further details of the event can be found here.

Grab your tickets here and enter the code IndyLivKazNYE to get a whopping £10 off. What a way to bring in the new year!