Liverpool, a city in the midst of a foodie revolution. Here’s just 36 things you must eat in Liverpool right now. Like literally, stop what you’re doing and go eat.

Button Street Smokehouse – Surf ‘n’ Turf Platter

Reckon you could take this whole Lobster, flat iron Steak, beef Brisket & BBQ sauce, house salad and house slaw down on your own? This is the definition of quality and quantity.

surf n turf

Yardbird – Pancetta Covered Onion Rings

No need to adjust your screen, this is a real thing.


Mowgli – Chip Butty

Is it a chip butty? A chip barm? A roll? This is a debate that will be had until the end of time but for now, go enjoy an Indian version from Mowgli.


Slim’s Pork Chop Express – Salt and Pepper Sui Mai Fries

This doesn’t need a description, just look at it.


Pushcka – Peanut Butter Mousse

Peanut butter mousse, set chocolate Grenache, peanut brittle and vanilla pod ice cream. Is it normal for a dessert to be better looking than most people?


Italian Club – Antipasta Misto

A platter that matters with cured meats, grilled vegetables and fresh bread. What more do you want?


Filter + Fox – Laura’s Little Bakery Chocolate Orange Cake

Luckily for you it is yours and not Terry’s. Unless your name is Terry and then well, that is quite a predicament you’ve inadvertently got yourself into.


Chez Le Coq – Free Range Chicken

Bold Street boasts near enough every cuisine within the one stretch and now it has a free range rotisserie chicken shop that you need to try.


The Brink – Grilled Goat’s Cheese Salad

Gooey goat’s cheese, allotment salad, fresh beetroots and a balsamic glaze. This is a dream we never even realised we had. Who knew salads could be so nice, ay?


Italian Club Fish – Capesante Gratinate

Soft scallops served in the shell, oven baked with parmesan, butter, breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley. Stupidly delicious.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 18.05.47

Evil Eye Burrito – Ultimate Bacon Butty

The sauce decoration might leave a lot to be desired but the sandwich definitely doesn’t. C’mon, there’s bacon on the outside. Just stop reading this blog and go get it.


The Old Blind School – Mixed Grill

A hypnotic platter of meat that has attracted international attention. Full of steak, veal, sausages, gammon, ribs, chicken and more. The serving suggestion is for four people but we just see that as a challenge.


Pen Factory – Fresh Scone

There’s something so satisfying about a scone. However you pronounce it, make sure you go and try this one. It is loaded with clotted cream, strawberry jam and fresh strawberries.


Nolita Cantina – Po Boy

A po boy is basically a succulent sub with various fillings and Nolita Cantina do an awesome one. Your hardest decision now is between the beef brisket or halloumi and avocado.


Lucha Libre – Fried Chicken Tacos

Take a taco, put perfectly fried chicken on there with coriander crema and chipotle gravy and you’ll forget you’re eating with your hands.


Camp and Furnace – Watermelon Vodka Jelly

This might not qualify as a dish but it most definitely qualifies as one of your five a day. This gateway to a life of alcoholism is served by the slice and you need it in your life.


Bold Street Coffee – Triple Chocolate Brownies

Not one, not two but three times the chocolate. Is it okay to have genuine feelings for a brownie?

triple chocolate brownies

HOST – Seared Beef Pho

Perfectly cooked beef pho with rice noodles, Asian vegetables and herbs. The broth is so good we’d bathe in it.


Miyagi – Chocolate Spring Rolls

Spring rolls? Good. Chocolate? Good. Chocolate spring rolls? Goooood.


Pao – Bento Box With Kimchi Rice Balls

A box of goodness that your heart, stomach and tastebuds will appreciate. Sticky miso rice, soy pickled egg, seasonal vegetables and Sriarcha and lime hummus.


Rookwood – Sticky Brunch

On this board you’ll find honey glazed pork sausages, bourbon & balsamic glazed black pudding, candied bacon, fried eggs, grilled beef tomatoes, mushrooms, homemade hash browns & eggy bagel. Hangovers, beware.


Kabinett – Meat and Cheese Platter

Some say that meat, cheese and bread are the foundations of a happy life and a lot would argue a bottle of red is. Now you can have both.


Otto’s Pizza – Nutella and S’mores Pizza

The tomato and cheese has been swapped with Nutella and burnt marshmallow pieces and we’re completely fine with that.


Roja Pinchos – Warmed Goat’s Cheese and Baby Caramelised Pear

Pinchos are basically mini Spanish inspired sandwiches in a stick and they’re taking over Liverpool. Try one of these and you’ll realise why


Blind Tiger – Veggie Pad Thai

Being a veggie and finding something more than mushroom risotto can be difficult. Blind Tiger to the rescue with their veggie pad Thai that is so good you’ll forget there isn’t any meat.


Neon Jamon – Hamburguesa

Mini veal hamburgers covered in a peppercorn sauce that make you feel like a giant eating them. What’s not to like?

veal hamburgers

Attic – Mac & Cheese Dog

Usually, mac and cheese and a hot dog would be fighting for prime position on the plate but on this one they’ve come together in a wonderful affair.


Cedar – Ox Skirt Tartare

A very beautiful plate of food created by an understood palate. Ox skirt, mustard emulsion, sourdough, crispy capers and radish.


Maray – Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Cauliflower was always one of those vegetables we felt we had to eat in our youth but you’ll have this one for pleasure. It is roasted in all its glory and topped with almonds, pomegranate and harissa.


Lento – Pizza

Pizza out of the wood burning oven is just ridiculous. Dear Snoop Dogg, we grant you that gin and juice is a fine choice but have you tried gin and pizza? Get back in the studio.


Brunch Club – Blueberry and Bacon Pancakes

We’d be quite content with pancakes stacked skyscraper high on their own but add bacon, blueberries and maple syrup and you’re in for one hell of an afternoon.


Jenever – G&Tea

Gin and afternoon tea are both quintessentially British in their own right but add the both together and you’re pushing the boundaries of patriotism. A carousel of cakes, delicious sandwiches and a huge gin and tonic. Bliss.


Crosby Tea Rooms – Vegan Lemon Drizzle Cake

Vegans, you can now have your cake and eat it. Get the cake cut into 4 slices rather than 8 if you’re on a diet.


Arts Club – Lamb Cous Cous

Cous cous is fun to say and even better to eat. This lamb kofta version is everything you want. Light, spicy and flavoursome.


The Quarter – New Yorker Pizza

Meatballs, pastrami, crispy bacon, fresh rocket and dill pickle mayonnaise makes for quite a pizza.


Albina Crosby – Scottish Mixed Grill

Venison steak, square sausage, battered haggis, pork faggot, neep & tatty fondants, crispy oat egg and tomato. As close to being Scottish without the kilt.


P & D Deli – All Of The Gelato

Choose between Nutella, Snickers, Mint Choc Chip, Jaffa Cake and 10’s of other flavours or get them all at once and bounce from regret to happiness for the next few hours.


Meat Factory – Brooklyn Bad Ass

You know you’ve come to the right place when your burgers sound like a reasonably popular wrestler’s finishing moves or the kind of women that used to adorn the walls in phone boxes. It is a double patty, pulled pork, potato cake, bacon and cheesy concoction that’ll make moving the next few hours after it difficult.

MF2B (1)

Portland St 358 – Screwball

A big cup of your childhood. It is a scientific fact that not one adult thought enters your brain whilst eating this beautiful concoction of bubble gum and vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and strawberry sauce and of course, the all important chewy on top.


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