Churrasco Steakhouse

 10% off all week + 2 Cocktails for £10

Have you seen what’s happening at the old public bogs by Lark Lane? Churrasco Steakhouse – the meaty Mecca, just around the corner from Lark Lane on Aigburth Road, did indeed...



 10% off all week

In pizza we crust. We’ll save you a Google – nonno translates to grandfather in Italian and grandfather in any language means respect and tradition. They aim to give the...



 25% off pizzas all week

Duke St – a big backbone of the Ropewalks phenomena that only seems to be getting better with age. Plans for a food market and bowling alley hit the headlines...


Liverpool’s Royal Court & Courtyard Bar & Kitchen

 15% off food and drink at Courtyard and 15% off tickets for all preview shows

Have you seen what’s happened to the old Penny Farthing? Argh, the Penny Farthing – the marmite of boozers accumulated fans and critics over the years. For every low quality...


La Finca Eivissa

 25% off food all week (max 2 people per card)

A little bit of the White Isle in Liverpool. Based in the former Rockwood Bar and Cue, hidden on Back Colquitt Street, La Finca Eivissa has been transporting the good people...



 20% off food all week

Let’s get saucy. Chicken, tunes, cocktails and beer. Is that a list of four of our favourite things or how Pattersons describe themselves? Well, both actually. Just off hectic Hanover...


Allerton Manor Golf Club

 10% off total bill all week (not to be used in conjunction with any other offer)

This will putt a smile on your face. Allerton Manor is a hidden treasure tucked away in the leafy suburban haven of Allerton, South Liverpool. An estate steeped in local...


Down The Hatch

 15% off

Say hello to your new favourite place. Bold Street is known for food, Seel Street is known for bars and Duke Street is becoming known for both. As well as...


Baltic Market

 Two mulled wines for £8, bottle of prosecco for £20 and two prin and tonics for £12

They say good things are worth waiting for. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a long time coming but today is the day we announce you can officially use your Independent...



 20% off a la carte

Bold Street has become synonymous with burgeoning independent ventures in recent times and its capacity to welcome the most niche cuisine from across the globe is showing no sign of...



 10% off A La Carte

Miyagi will take you and your taste buds on a tour of the best of the Far-East. No, not St. Helens, much further than that. Although it’s Asian fusion, it...


KO Grill

 10% off Monday to Friday

Take a walk down Bold Street at any given time and you’ll notice it’s a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Japanese eateries rub shoulders with Italian cafes. It epitomises what...



 20% off food Monday-Thursday

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we’ll just have one slice of pizza. Pizza consists of just a few ingredients; water, flour, sauce and cheese. Isn’t it quite...


Santa Maluco

 20% and 10% off various (see details)

Pizza and Cocktails in the business end of town? Don’t mind if we do… The Town Hall has just got a new next-door neighbour and it goes by the name...



 15% Off

In a world constantly trying to change you, one of the hardest things to do is stay the same. If it’s not broke don’t fix it is a dwindling notion....


Evil Eye Beer & Burrito Shack

 10% off

There is no problem a burrito can’t fix. A burrito is a delicious food item that breaks down all social barriers and leads to temporary social enlightenment. We think it...


Portland St 358

 10% off total bill all week

The Penny Lane area is alive and kicking and it is becoming just as famous for its food as it is for that song by those four lads. Have you...


The Pen Factory

 10% off

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. We say The Pen Factory is mightier than both. Ask anyone what they loved about the old Everyman and most people...



 15% off weekdays, 10% off weekends

Meat, cheese and bread. All the ingredients necessary for a happy life. The Ancient Greek philosopher – Epicurus – thought that the purpose of our time spent on Earth was...


Meat Factory

 10% off bill Sun-Thurs

Meat Factory, the place where enough falls out of your burger whilst you’re eating it to make another burger. Along the stretch of the quite Bohemian Lark Lane, is a...


The Tavern Co

 2-4-1 Cocktails Monday-Thursday

Penny Lane is famous in near enough every corner of the world. The pressure of having an establishment in this area would suggest an extremely hard expedition but the Tavern...


Slim’s Pork Chop Express

 10% off Monday - Friday

Hot-pink neon signals XXX at the top of Seel Street, Chinatown, which is enough to catch most people’s eye. But this is not a destination spot for the deviant, this...


Il Forno

 20% off the A La Carte menu

The word independent is multifaceted. Everyone has their own definition of it but I think we can all agree it has just one shade, and it is all grey. One...



 10% off Sunday - Thursday on main menu (excluding holidays/special dates). Max 2 people per card

James, Thom and Dom are the trio behind Maray, a restaurant on Bold Street where falafel, small plates and cocktails of the highest quality take centre stage. Before Maray existed...


The Egg

 10% off

Every now and then there is an independent that plucks at the heart strings of the independent Liverpool scene so much it is hard to show our admiration justice in...


The Brink

 10% off

In September 2011, 21 Parr Street was graced by the presence of a cafe by day and a platform for local music and various other events at night. Seems pretty...


The London Carriage Works

 10% off various (see details)

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” – Orson Welles Whilst much attention and gratitude is paid to Bold Street and other areas oozing that...


NoLIta Cantina

 20% off Monday-Thursday 12-6pm

As we are massive fans of the television show Man v Food, we have been screaming out for a place that sells big burgers stuffed with pulled pork, beef brisket...


Homebaked Anfield

 Free tea or coffee when you buy a pie or a sandwich and a cake

Ask not what can your community do for you, ask what can you do for your community. Most people would have you believe that Anfield is nothing but the home to a ground...


Free State Kitchen

 10% off menu food

With the development of the largest McDonalds in the UK alongside the opening of L1’s latest chain; Byron Burger, selling burgers to the people of Liverpool isn’t exactly like trying...


Lucha Libre

 10% off food

If you expected an artificial cactus in the corner of the room and bartenders in sombreros with stuck-on moustaches, you came to the wrong place. Instead, marvel at the alternative Mexican movie...


Bar Bodega

 20% off Sunday-Thursday

Bar Bodega, located on Colquitt Street, (which is the link between Bold Street and Seel Street) is inspired by all things Spanish. Not your usual English interpretation of Spanish either....


The Baltic Social

 10% off food

Every now and then barren and unspoken of land transforms, in what feels like overnight, into something special. The Baltic Triangle is one of those places. The likes of Unit...


Delifonseca Dockside

 15% & 10% various (see details)

The word independent itself sparks off debates between scholars and labourers alike; it is one of those words we all hold a personal definition of. What we can all agree...


Soul Cafe

 10% off

We heard it through the grapevine that our website was missing a cafe which plays classic soul tunes accompanied with soul warming food. Who better to fill this void than...



 20% off food (excluding December)

Amalia, located on Campbell Street, is actually named after the owner Miguel’s grandmother who he always shared a special bond with. Miguel and his best friend decided to open up...


Upstairs at the Bluecoat

 10% off

Built in the early 18th Century, The Bluecoat is the oldest building in central Liverpool and has been designated as a Grade I listed building by English Heritage. Home to...


The Attic

 2 cocktails for £10 Fridays and Saturdays

When you think of an attic you automatically think of a secret hideout, a room detached from the rest of the world where you can escape the hustle and bustle...


Green Days Cafe

 Various free items (see details)

If you adore independents to the depth we do, you have probably visited Lark Lane in your time. The whole length of Lark Lane is an absolute haven to the...


Tapas Tapas

 20% off Sunday to Thursday and 10% off Friday and Saturday

Our stomachs were rumbling and we could hear the soft sound of someone stroking spanish guitar. Hunger was kept at bay whilst we followed the sound of the guitar; for...


The Italian Club

 10% off all week excluding after 4pm on Fri and all day Saturday

We at Independent Liverpool love only one thing more than sharing our experience of our city’s most captivating places with you, and that’s enjoying them ourselves first. If you’ve already...



 20% off food only (see details)

Nestled snugly amongst the chain store behemoth that is Liverpool One, it is easy to overlook Lunya, UKs only Catalan fusion of restaurant and deli. However, both the high quality...


American Pizza Slice

 20% off (see details)

Love at first slice in the Big Apple inspired Paul to quit his day job and open up his own Brooklyn/Little Italy inspired pizzeria: American Pizza Slice. It is true...


The Interesting Eating Company

  15% off your total bill Mon-Thurs

Our boycott of the Chain-Gang has started, join the revolution by eating pancakes and drinking shakes in The Interesting Eating Company, a quirky little café situated on Allerton Road. Despite...


Café Tabac

 10% off food

Coffee, Cocktails and Cinema: Café Tabac is the closest to a continental experience you can get in Liverpool. The exterior of the shop is lit up with neon red signs,...



 10% off the bill Sunday to Thursday

There is a place on Bold Street where you can sit down for a meal and then walk out with the very chair you were sitting on. The waitress greeted...