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  cup of coffee and slice of cake for just £4.50 or a free cheese board when purchasing a bottle of wine.

A space to clear the dust.

It’s 1957. Lark Lane is a popular hangout place for the likes of the Merchant Navy, The Albert in particular was a place to drown sorrows whilst home from sea. Legend has it that one of the lounges had the word ‘Office’ inscribed in one of the windows so if you were late you could tell the Mrs you where at the office. The Albert was notoriously a great catalyst for arguments between couples but ironically, it is likely the first time there eyes met was in the very same place. Fast forward to 2017 and Lark Lane now collates the weird and wonderful in one beautiful setting. We’ll leave it up to you decide which category you put yourself in. Art shops, tea shops, burger joints, pubs and more all call it home as well as Writer’s Block – one of the newer additions to Lark Lane that already feels like an old friend.

The name came about when the best friends and owners, Brendan, Jordan and Nick, became embroiled in a group chat conversation about famous writers and how mostly, they write at home isolated, Then they spoke about what it would take to lure them from the home to a place they would be so free of stress and constraint they would be in a creative relaxed position to write. So was born writers block as a theme. A venue almost kaleidoscopic in how it changes throughout the day. The nights are candlelit, intimate and romantic and the days are chilled, serene and the perfect place to people watch. It can all be too hard to relax in the modern world but we know we always have Writer’s Block to rely on.

The menu from Writer’s Block is almost as beautiful as the drinks. Hand sketched illustrations help you envisage what your drink will look like rather than a list of ingredients you have to Google. Writer’s Block are connoisseurs in carefully crafted cocktails that show you don’t have to go town for a good drink. A selection of beautiful wines, charcuterie and cheese boards are also present. All the words that make us happy and promise a wonderful evening with a loved one. Due to being extremely dog friendly, that loved one may end up even being your dog. All your dreams of sharing a cheese board with your hairy best friend can now come true.

The bar effuses an eclectic mix of cocktails, jazz and dogs. It’s an intimate space that brings a touch of the Deep South to the North West. Ultimately though it’s the nostalgic, bluesy atmosphere and clandestine, underground feel that keeps the people coming back. From the greeting at the door to your last sip of drink, Writer’s Block is an experience impossible not to fall in love with. We always leave so calm after visiting – we imagine it’s what people who do yoga must feel like but if you got to eat cheese and wine mid downward dog. If you’ve got a spare afternoon coming up we implore you to go for a walk around Sefton Park and then spend the remainder of the evening toasting at Writer’s Block.

We are delighted to announce you can get a cup of coffee and slice of cake for just £4.50 or a free cheese board when purchasing a bottle of wine.

Opening hours: Monday closed, Tuesday to Thursday 5-10.30. Friday Saturday Sunday 12-10.30