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Lovely afternoons are made of coffee and macarons.

Crosby and Waterloo are alive and kicking. Whilst tabloids concentrate on what the city centre has to offer, Crosby and Waterloo have been sharpening their knives and perfecting its pastry in the background and now boasts some incredible independents. There’s jewellery shops, fine dining, killer afternoon tea and would you believe it, Liverpool’s first Mecca of macarons. We’re not just talking about a regular pastry chef, we’re talking about a man who invented the ‘Maclair’, a hybrid between a macaron and an eclair. A stroke of genius that is now imitated all over the world. 

The Little Macaron Shop was set up by pastry chef and baker Stephen Maddock. He started his journey selling handmade macarons locally to customers online. In the early days Stephen would create each order by hand, personally perfecting every detail right down to the delivery boxes.  As demand quickly increased he began trading at a local market and soon after producing and selling from his new shop in Waterloo, North Liverpool.

Since then The Little Macaron Shop’s reputation for creating innovative (and delicious) desserts has spread across the country and has even seen one of its trademarked specialities the ‘Maclair’ appear on the Channel 4 ‘Sunday Brunch’ programme with renowned Northwest chef Simon Rimmer. Fully utilising the power of  social media to engage with its customers old and new has been a crucial part of  the business. Visitors to the Facebook & Twitter pages are actively encouraged to be a part of the process, even helping them to choose flavours for the shop’s ‘Bread of the day’ or homemade pies.

Little by name but big on quality – the charming Little Macaron Shop is the kind of place where you’re planning what to get on your second visit in the middle of your first visit. The owners and staff are wonderful people who will talk you through their entire menu until you find the perfect treat for you. In a world full of mass-produced, synthetic stodge this little shop is a beacon of hope where everything is handmade and heartfelt.