Card Members Get

  2 cocktails for £10 Fridays and Saturdays

When you think of an attic you automatically think of a secret hideout, a room detached from the rest of the world where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in your very own little spot.

But what if that attic served some of the best cocktails in town with a regular disco and funk themed nights. Well, The Attic has answered your calls and is a great little hide out. Located on Parr Street, it is one of the few bars contributing to the uprise of Parr Street as one of the hottest spots in the City Centre at the moment.

Situated above Studio 1 and 2, it is inevitable that some sort of osmosis would have taken place over the years and for this to be a venue that draws from musical influences. This is clear as soon as you start walking up the stairs to the bar where there are murals of the best musicians from the 20th and 21st century draped on the walls. Stepping foot in the bar we instantly noticed that the walls are ladened with vinyls which gives The Attic a retro feel. It is good to see homage being paid to the vinyl in an age where MP3 is the most popular music form, and yes, they make a very cool wall accessory.

Even though the summer of 2018 feels like a distant memory right now, it was a summer that will be spoken about for decades to come. Many Liverpudlians spent many an afternoon on The Attic’s famous terrace, dancing and drinking until the early hours of the morning. The Attic has become quite well-known for these outdoor shindigs with big DJs gracing the decks as well as great local bands.

The Attic is also available for FREE private bookings so if you fancy a whole club to yourself with your mates, get in touch. The Attic are offering cardholders 2 cocktails for £10 so if you’re out and about and fancy a boogie then make sure you show your membership card. Like them on Facebook ‘The Attic’, follow them on twitter @AtticLiverpool and make sure you visit their website to keep up to date with gig listings and any other offers.