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  Two cocktails for £10

Imagine having a drink and listening to live music in the very same spot that the likes of Black Sabbath, Bjork and The Smiths spent hours perfecting album releases.

Well, you don’t have to imagine for much longer as this is exactly what Studio 2 offers: live jazz, swing and blues accompanied with an impressive range of cocktails (as you would expect being the newest pursuit from the creator of Berry & Rye and Aloha). Just like the shipments of jazz vinyls in the 1950s and 60s into Liverpool from the United States, Studio 2 is the modern day answer for the people of Liverpool to get their fix of the newest and best jazz, blues and swing. It is also a chance for the younger generation to be introduced to these vivacious genres in a time where the younger kids believe Miley Cyrus is the Holy Grail.

Studio 2’s nonchalant exterior of bricks and mortar makes it a veiled mystery, but do not be mistaken as Studio 2 is not just another brick in the wall. Once you set foot inside a majestic setting reveals itself; this is a venue steeped in musical history, something which is showcased by the emporium of gold records that hang from the walls. Not only do you expect to be blown away by the interior when you walk in, you also expect some of the best cocktails in Liverpool. We recommend the French martini for such a soiree – shaken not stirred, of course.


Studio 2 serves small dishes that are perfect for sharing with a partner or with friends; this reiterates their ethos which is all about coming together through a shared love of jazz, blues and brews. Try the sausage platter which is a medley of mouthwatering sausages. Not just your regular sausages, you will find spicy Toulouse sausages lying on the same plate as your more conventional cumberland. With delicious sides of chunky chutneys and mustards ready to be dipped in, they really are the best accompaniment to the already flavoursome dish.

Cardholders, if our argument to spend many nights there is not enough, how does two cocktails for £10 sound? Yes, that’s what we thought. Make sure you follow them on twitter [email protected], like them on Facebook [email protected] but make sure you swing by for a night of cocktails and live music.