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Duke St – a big backbone of the Ropewalks phenomena that only seems to be getting better with age.

Plans for a food market and bowling alley hit the headlines that plan to compliment the great restaurants, bars and a soon-to-be boutique hotel that are already there. There is, however, quite a special place on Duke Street that is more than just a venue. It’s a local pub but right in the middle of town. It’s a place where you make new best mates in the smoking area. A place for everyone and anything. Welcome to Sound – where you’re always welcome and it always plans to get a bit weird.

6 years ago Paul opened Sound Food & Drink on Duke St. He then met Kate, a regular of Sound who used to quite often end up drinking there. She’s a maths teacher by the day but instead of going home and whacking on Emmerdale, she always dreamt of being involved in and owning a bar. After countless walks up and down Seel St it was only when Paul showed her Sound had a secret basement that they went from best buds to business partners in an instant.

Sound is a place where alternative cultures come to play. One night of the week there’ll be a play your own vinyl night, on the Friday there’ll be pizza and unlimited prosecco, the next day there’ll be a Goth-themed prom night and the next day there’ll be an alternative Royal Wedding celebration to collect for food banks called F*ck The Royals. However do they keep up? Sound is one of the few places where the owners are having just as much fun as the customers. Although Paul and Kate are the owners of Sound, we’ve got a feeling Peggy the Beagle is the real mastermind. People go to Sound just to visit her and if you’re lucky, she’ll look at you in a disappointed way you thought only your parents would.

Sound have always been known for the pizzas but only recently did they decide to work with some top local chefs to try and take their pizza to the next level. And they’ve smashed it out the park. Liverpool isn’t a city short of a good slice of pizza but one taste of these and it might sway to your new favourite place for a pizza. Choose between the spicy pepperoni, classic margarita, a pulled mushroom pizza and a delicious aubergine topped pizza with sticky molasses. Get yourself a side salad, some salt and pepper chips and a pint or Moritz and thank us later. Absolute no nonsense food with quality ingredients – it’s a winning combination for us.

With a name like Sound, you’d be disappointed if the venue didn’t ooze a certain amount of Liverpudlian spirit. And it’s got it, in absolute abundance.