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  Two special Independent Liverpool cocktails for £12 all week long

The word absinthe is the kind of word that can clear a room. The rather mysterious green liquid has been shrouded in myths for centuries, the most popular one being a shot instantaneously triggers off irreversible blindness.

Absinthe virgins ourselves, we went into this with an open mind. Although it is largely banned over the world, there is a bar serving it up in a variety of cocktails and if you blink, you’d miss it. In our quest to unearth hidden gems we now and then come across the problem of removing the exclusivity of some places which is part of the atmosphere but this place was too good not to. The combination of our inquisitive nature and the execution of quality from Some Place, it was bound to happen anyway.


With the influx of new bars in the city centre it’s belter to remember one of our older ones. Having first turned on it’s infamous green lantern on Seel Street over seven years ago, Some Place is just that. Cognac and Absinthe are two of our least understood spirits and they are what this particular bar specialise in; with both of the products lining the shelves respectively. They opened with the ethos ‘dare to be different,’ and this you can tell from the moment you don’t see a sign outside. As you climb the stairs the sound of guitar will surround you just as incense tickles the nostrils. Once you’ve reached the top you’ll find a leafy hideaway, it’s like finding yourself in Narnia; without Turkish delight, with more absinthe.


After sitting, taking in the atmosphere and sampling one of the vast array of Absinthes on offer it’s easy to forget you walked in from the hustle and bustle of Seel Street below. If you’re by yourself, hop on a stool at a bar and you wont be for long. The bar staff will make you feel welcome not to mention the steady stream of regulars that that make up the DNA of this hidden emerald. Some Place are firmly in love with the liquids they sell and they’ll convert you; no matter how much of that terrible Absinthe labeled bottle you drank on holiday.

If you want somewhere to go that is a bit different from your usual bar, we know Some Place that doesn’t follow in other bars footsteps, it creates its own. Beware, such superior knowledge of absinthe in relation to another mere mortal is likely to result in you force feeding information to people at dinner parties and arguing over absinthe forums about what volume of water to distill it in. Independent Liverpool cardholders can benefit from two special Independent Liverpool cocktails for £12 all week! First up is Black Jack – a mix of Orange and Coriander Absinthe, Lemon, Sugar, Whites, Soda (which can be seen above!).