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Mick and Sam – the husband and wife duo were backpacking around Australia some years ago and noticed a trend.

Other than the fact it was hot everywhere they went, in every town they visited: there was always a ice cream smashing store. They were immediately hooked, trying different flavours in different towns and it wasn’t until they returned home two years later they realised there wasn’t anyone in the whole UK doing it. So, rather than wait for someone else to take the risk, they did. And thank god they did.

Smash It can be found on Burlington Street in one of the units in Eldonian Village and is a dream for kids (and big kids at heart). Every chocolate bar, sweet, biscuit you could imagine with a whopping array of flavoured ice creams. Pick your ice cream, pick your toppings and let the guys smash the rest. Smash It also do kids parties with cinema nights and give the kids the chance to smash their own flavoured ice creams. Sounds a lot better than the fluorescent green footy pitch cake we’d find in our party bag at the parties we went to as kids.

On their days off, Smash It is also very popular with local footballers. On the menu there’s a Bainsy named after Leighton Baines, Everton’s left back and ‘Gini’ – the mix of toffee fudge, vanilla and Bueno that was put on the menu after Liverpool’s Dutch centre-mid Georginio Wijnaldum travelled to Baltic Market and put that order in. The weekend after he went on to score his first goal in many months – we’re not saying it’s because of the ice cream but we’re also not not saying it.

It’s more than just the ice cream with endless opportunities – Smash It also brought us candy floss ice cream burritos AND candy floss sushi. The most colourful and creative way to have a week’s worth of sugar that has gone viral numerous times and had people up and down motorways all over the UK prepared to travel for it. And if all this wasn’t enough justification for a visit, they also do a Guylian milkshake so good we’ve pretty much accepted being told off by our local GP a couple times a year. Some things are just worth it.