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Pizza and Cocktails in the business end of town? Don’t mind if we do…

The Town Hall has just got a new next-door neighbour and it goes by the name of Santa Maluco: a pizza restaurant launched by the Graffiti Spirits Group – which has brought you popular independent venues such as Salt Dog Slims, 81Ltd, Santa Chupitos, El Bandito and Slims Pork Chop Express. As they have pretty much completed the Ropewalks end of town, it was time for the team to pitch their flag at the other end, bringing their signature independent feel to Liverpool’s famous Castle Street.

But this isn’t your traditional Italian pizza parlour. No. This is a Brazilian Rodizio pizza restaurant. Rodízio is an ‘all you can eat’ style of restaurant service common in Brazil where you pay a fixed price and then stuff your face. So when you go to Santa Maluco you will pay a ‘preço fixo’ and the servers will bring samples of pizza to you at several times throughout the meal, until you signal that you physically can’t take anymore. What we are basically saying is that make sure you wear your oversized pants when you visit, because you are bound to eat a lot of pizza. So much so you might go down in local Liverpool folklore.

All of their pizzas are cooked in their wood fired handmade oven. They do not use any fuel apart from wood in their oven, bringing the most authentic pizza experience possible to your plate. All their pizzas are 18 inch and are made completely from scratch by their experienced and talented pizziolas. Wanting to keep their menu fresh and seasonal, they aim to change elements of their menu on a weekly basis, with daily specials readily available. We are big fans of “Lo Pan Loco” – curry sauce base, sui mai, spring onions, mozzerella, Sriracha and char sui sauce. It’s love at first slice. Also, the pizzas that they serve are both sweet and savoury – so anyone still hungry can have the home made dessert pizzas. We’re talking smarties, cookie dough and squirty cream. Dreams do come true.

The guys behind the venues see the interior and experience as equally as important as the food and drink. Each place has its little idiosyncrasies, it’s own distinguishable vibe and a different reason to return. Santa Maluco is no different. On the back wall of the restaurant there’s a homage to the wonder of the world that is Christ the Redeemer – the Art Deco statue in Brazil has been given its own graffiti scribed twist. The bar is also impressive – anyone who has spent a few hazy nights in Santa Chupito’s will recognise that the bar in Maluco is a carbon copy as a little nod to the Parr Street hideout.

Castle Street already has some great independents and this is only going to add to making the street a destination and true foodie quarter. 

Special thanks to Nic Taylor for the featured image.