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In the last year many of us have had time to reflect.

And with so much been taken away from us, we like to think we’ve developed a greater love and appreciation for all those things. After-work pints, mid-week spontaneous meals with the family and a cup of coffee with a view. Watching the world go-by, surprised how every hour felt like just a few minutes. So with no better time to shine a light on Liverpool’s coffee shops we present to you Root.

We’ve only ever required a few things for us to be able to do our job: WIFI, a laptop and some coffee. If you’re the same as us, there’s a chance you’ve spent a few hours hogging a seat with a charger making your way through your to-do list. With a silky flat-white and a soothing just-the-right value soundtrack – why would you ever work anywhere else? 

Being self-professed coffee nerds, Root is the perfect space for us. Shiny coffee machines, scales weighing the perfect amount of beans and heated debates between staff on what temperature water you should use for the V60 to get the most out of your washed-single-origin Colombian. Which goes perfect with their extensive menu full of brunch-y, lunchy- delights. Not a coffee fan? No worries – their loose leaf tea and hot chocolate menu should sort you. Yep we said menu. Choose between white hot chocolate, red velvet hot chocolate, dark hot chocolate and more. 

In the modern world, outdoor space has never been more important or desired and Root has lots of it. They’re based a stone’s throw away from L1, a welcome hidden retreat away from the humdrum of the high street and a good way to balance your support between the big boys and the Indies. Don’t feel guilty about purchasing that De’ Longhi kettle from John Lewis, you’ve wanted it for years. Just grab your post-shop Mocha from Root.