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Rennie’s Arts & Crafts, located on Bold Street has passed the test of time and is still standing proudly after 35 years of supplying all of the city’s artists, creative’s and dabblers alike.

Now in its second generation of ownership, Duncan and Steven took over the family business in the 80’s. Sadly, it is rare to find family owned companies these days, we can’t remember the last board above a shop that ended in ‘& Sons’. The brother’s mother originally set up Rennie’s as a market stall selling oil paints and oil paintings. After the success of this little venture, Peter’s Dad gave up his day job to frame his wife’s paintings. The legacy still lives on today as you can still buy some of the original paintings in the shop which is a brilliant memento every morning, reminding Peter of what was passed on to him.

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Rennie’s stock the finest arts and crafts materials for all your artistic needs. Whether you’re an undiscovered Picasso ready to create another masterpiece or you are like us and struggle to draw squares, Rennies is perfect as it doesn’t discriminate against anyone, it is so unpretentious.  In an age where convenience triumphs and everybody buys everything on the internet, it should be noted that one thing that isn’t purchasable via the world wide web is the knowledge of products that Rennie’s pride themselves on having. Be sure to ask `the artisans any queries you may have: what oils work best on what canvas, what shade of red is more suitable for a particular project – the staff will happily assist you with their brilliant guidance that will yield brilliant results. Rennies isn’t short of character either, it is old school, in a good way. You won’t find some fancy tilling system implemented, Rennies use a notepad and a calculator. If the calculators are in use, Rennie’s use something called ‘long multiplication’, you might remember it but Rennie’s are single-handedly keeping people in Maths jobs by using it.

Not only are they very knowledgeable, but they always have a smile on their face which is refreshing to say the least. For us, this is what keeps us coming back and we can happily say that all of our stationery needs are catered for by the kind people at Rennie’s. Enduring the test of time has meant that everybody has fond memories of Rennies. From your parents taking you there as a child to gathering materials as a student to eventually taking your own kids later on in life, it’s a cycle that will continue hopefully for a very long time. It is the kind of place post-graduates take as a job whilst trawling through dreaded graduate schemes but actually end up staying and retiring in that very job because of their love for what they do and the people they serve. Over the span of 35 years there has currently been 4 weddings within the employees but thankfully we are yet to have a funeral.  Independent Liverpool cardholders will be delighted to hear that their shiny Scouse passport entitles them to 10% off in this fine establishment so now there are no excuses for the artist in you to shine.


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