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In many people’s minds, veganism is an underground cult that meet on a monthly basis on chairs constructed solely of lentils to eat mushrooms in fair-trade Che Guevara t-shirts.

This is simply not the case, lentil chairs aren’t comfy at all. Being a vegan in a big city a few years ago could have felt a bit lonely. It could have felt like the world is one big inside joke about how good bacon is and the extent a restaurant will go to for your lifestyle choice is mushrooms on toast. Fast forward to Liverpool in 2020 and this simply isn’t the case. And with all that choice, we welcome Potts Coffee – the city’s first fully vegan coffee shop.

Bringing you ethically sourced, artisan coffee and a fully plant based menu – Potts Coffee are based in the heart of the Liverpool city centre on Slater Street. The name of the shop comes from the surname of the family that own the coffee shop. They opened their doors in December 2019 to a queue of hungry and eager locals who have done nothing but return since. With such choice these days, it takes something special to create a loyal following and Potts have done just that.

The family are super passionate about plant based cooking and want to share a soulful vegan brunch with the people of Liverpool, Lucky, eh? Their aim is to normalise plant based alternatives by creating vegan versions of everyone’s brunch favourites. Pancakes, Full English breakfast, French toast and more. This isn’t just any normal brunch and we guarantee even the meat lovers out there will love Potts. Especially their take on a McMuffin.

Potts has been a long-term dream that has become a reality. Danielle and Jonny, the couple behind the shop are teenage lovers. This is the part where you say ‘aww’. Whilst some people couldn’t imagine going into business with their signifiant other half, these two couldn’t imagine not doing so. Any independent is struggling in this climate – but it is especially hard for new independents opening just before or during a pandemic. Potts isn’t just a place for vegans – it’s for everyone.