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We might have found the perfect pie – and we’re not telling porkies.

Garston Village, what do you know about it? For many, it’s the very narrow route you hope not to go down on your driving test but very recently, it’s a place where a couple of exciting places are opening. Root 22 – an organic and largely plastic free veg shop recently opened doors to the delight of the health and environmentally conscious. And to the pie eaters amongst us, you might have noticed a new place open with so many buttery bases, Greg Wallace from Masterchef would have to sit down.

Couples, parents and business partners Andrew and Polly have been through a lot together. Whether it’s looking after their two kids or opening their second business in Garston Village, they’re a testament to couples working together. We’ve no idea how they’ve done it. We can barely make our partner a cup of tea without arguing. This isn’t their first place though – many of you will be familiar with Cakes by Andrew and his works of art which they also opened. After three years of cake making they’ve branched out to the savoury side of their passion. From Victoria sponge to sausage rolls – quite the leap.

Porkie Pies – a place you smell before you see. If they could somehow bottle that smell, Johnny Depp would be in the advert for it and we’d pay over the odds for it at the nearest fragrance shop. Porkie Pies is an artisan bakehouse specialising in homemade and handmade pies, sausage rolls and scouse. There’s also fresh bread, soup, muffins and more. But get there early or ring ahead as these guys have been selling out day-upon-day for four weeks now.

Just look at that golden, buttery crust. Please. Bursting to the brim with actual meat with no neon pink sausage filling in sight. The only pink neon you’ll see is on their sign. Black pudding sausage rolls, steak pies – these are the simple things in life that bring such pleasure. Like fresh bedding, a new pair of socks or finding a fiver in an old jacket. God, we aren’t half showing our age. Everything is handmade. Nothing is manufactured and not one pie or sausage roll is the same. The beauty is in the asymmetry, the pleasure is in that no baked good is the same.