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Our boycott of the Chain-Gang has started, join the revolution by eating pancakes and drinking shakes in The Interesting Eating Company, a quirky little café situated on Allerton Road.

Despite opening in May, the majority are blindly unaware of what the Interesting Eating Company has to offer due to the fact that it is neighbours with Costa. Thus, we have made it our personal mission to spread the word. So I hear you ask, what is so interesting about the Interesting Eating Company?

As soon as you see the store front you can’t help but feel a sense of intrigue due to the name, the colours and the way in which the menu is written on the windows. Upon entering, it is impossible not to fully immerse yourself in the eccentric and original ambiance. It made us feel like we had been invited to the Mad Hatters Tea Party and were about to have a very important date. It was then that we realised there are fewer things more important than a man date. We couldn’t wait to see what it had to offer. A noteworthy contributor to their uniqueness is the warmth of their employees which is present throughout, which felt a lot more sincere than Starbucks writing your name on a cup. Any of the employees will be happy to talk you through the menu and their specialties whilst also making any suitable customised adjustments to tantalize your taste buds.

Whilst we studied the menu, we thought we would order a shake first to ease the decision. Out of the vast range of house speciality shakes, we decided to go for Snickers and Bounty which sparked off a manly debate about whose milkshake was better. I think it was just an excuse to keep taking sips of both rather than an evaluation scheme. As well as Snickers and Bounty you can choose from a cosmic selection of chocolates including; Oreo, Twix, Nutella, Daim bar and the list goes on. It is safe to say we could have easily sat there all afternoon soaking up the atmosphere whilst sipping some shakes.

As we made our order and eagerly anticipated our food we decided to have a thorough look through the menu. There were a few times that the waitresses walked past and we thought it was our mouth-watering meals but sadly they strolled right past us. There are few things more disheartening than this moment, when you are so excited. The menu offers an array of hot and cold delectable meals with only the best quality of ingredients. The breads are full of flavour and are made from the finest French mie crème flour. It is in fact so tasty that people come here for their morning toast, so that breakfast is an event that people look forward to. Any place that leads people to come for toast certainly meets our approval.


We were recommended American Style Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup from the vivacious manager which we are proud to announce were the best pancakes we have ever had. Whether you want to treat yourself because it’s your birthday, your news years diet has been going well or simply because it’s a day of week; try these pancakes. To accompany our scrumptious shakes and luscious pancakes, we decided to get a meatball and mozzarella Panini. The melty mozzarella oozed out of the fresh bread which was full of deliciously soft and flavoursome meatballs and went down a treat. Due to the fact it came with a side salad, we are counting it as one of our five a day.

To conclude, The Interesting Eating Company certainly offers quality in accordance to price and with its unique and fun take on a breakfast or lunch, we can guarantee you will leave satisfied. I mean come on; where else can you get pancakes and shakes? Is it us or does food that rhyme near enough always compliment each other?