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Alison was a few years into a successful career in the public sector as a Food Technology Teacher in a secondary school when she realised that her love for food went deeper than teaching.

Little did she know the epoch would lead her down the path she has and three years on with a passion that surpassed notes with the Queen’s heads on, The Onion Deli is a beloved reside for the local community of Aigburth. Although they started off in a much more modest establishment, the Onion has grown as a shop and as a movement and echoes exactly why we started this venture.


There is a lot to admire about a reverie being the catalyst for leaving a ‘job for life’ to follow your dream in an era where the rarity inspires us all. The walls started off empty at the Onion but through the community that share a special bond with this cafe, it is covered in local photographers pictures, local jewellers handmade accessories as well as a lot more. From the morning regulars who want to enjoy the bohemian atmosphere as they drink their English Tea and fill in their crosswords, to the local workers who need to re-energise on quality good and strong coffee, to the students whom are reminiscing over last night’s with a full English, the Onion provides a warm and inviting reception to all.


Everything is fresh, if you were looking for a manufactured Panini that is pre-packaged and ready to be warmed up in an industrial grill, you came to the wrong place. They say the early bird catches the worm but if you are arrive at the Onion early enough you will find the bread will still be warm from the local bakery they receive batches of breads from daily. Their retro and vintage chalkboard menu for you to decipher what would be best to eat, they tailor make anything for yourself, so if you are an awkward customer or a fussy eater, you finally have a place to reside. If you are the opposite of a fussy eater, in that you would eat most things if it was between bread, deciding between the delicious options can be quite tough. We finally decided to try the chicken, chorizo, cheddar cheese and sun dried tomato deli wrap with side salad as well as the extremely popular ‘special eggs’ which consisted of scrambled egg, potatoes, red onion and chorizo with their infamous home-baked bread. Take it from us, these eggs are no yoke. Oh c’mon, that was an eggcelent pun (we will stop now).


From the walls that are little insights into everyone’s personality of the local community to the vintage tinge on all the interior decor, it is hard not to get lost within the craft. Onion have smashed through the barriers of predisposed perceptions¬† on whether it would actually work in the area as it has become a favourite to many. Visit their website, follow them on Twitter @OnionDeli, send them a friend request on Facebook ‘Onion Deli’ but more importantly get yourself down to experience it yourself.