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As we are massive fans of the television show Man v Food, we have been screaming out for a place that sells big burgers stuffed with pulled pork, beef brisket and sides of deep fried goodies.

Luckily for Liverpool, Jen and Grace have came to the rescue and have opened up an American Bistro / New York deli diner located on 81 Bold Street. Formerly chefs at a suburban eatery, they plotted an escape to turn their American revelry to reality. It’s hard not to admire those who make the gutsy and valiant move to open up their own place and dare to invade on what is seemingly a corporation nation in a time where we are told; ‘you can’t’.


So when we were invited to the opening of NoLIta Cantina with the promise of lots of pulled pork, beef briskett and lots of deep fried goodies it was almost a dream come true.  On our way down to NoLIta Cantina we were both struck with curiosity as to what this phrase meant. After a bit of research, we were informed that ‘NoLIta’ is a derivative of ‘North of Little Italy’ and is a  neighbourhood in Manhattan. ‘Cantina’ is a Spanish word meaning saloon. With the words ‘Little Italy’ and ‘Saloon’ in the same breath we imagined a hangout spot for Mafioso and Cowboys which would make it the most bad-ass place in town.

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Although there weren’t any Mafioso or cowboys to be seen, there was A LOT of meat. The starters arrived in plastic red food baskets, reminiscent of American style eateries, which were full of history and filled with hand cut fries and frickles (which for you deep fried novices is fried pickles). Everything was smothered in a silky cheese sauce which meant that one bite transported you to the great states of America. Just when we thought our evening could not get any better, we were greeted with many varieties of mini burgers. It started with a pulled pork and caramelised onion slider and quickly moved on to a pulled pork, beef and bacon cheese burger which was the best thing on sliced bread since sliced bread. We were offered shoulder of pork in a spicy marinade which was combated with a cool side of homemade coleslaw. The sandwich was so big that enough fell out of it to make another sandwich. The food kept on coming and their hospitality and service with a smile certainly did not deteriorate as the bar filled. We are sure Adam Richman himself would have no qualms chowing down on any of these scrumptious options.

As ever, keep up to date with their latest offers and deals by finding them on Facebook and giving them a ‘Like’. They have had their doors open to the public for just a few months now and we have received news that they’re doing fantastically well. Welcome this new independent to the neighbourhood and show your support by indulging in any of their meals. If the profile is not enough to make you want to venture down, how about 20% off Monday-Thursday (not to be used in conjunction with any other offers) with The Card?

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