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Miyagi will take you and your taste buds on a tour of the best of the Far-East. No, not St. Helens, much further than that.

Although it’s Asian fusion, it doesn’t fuse in the way you’d expect. Miyagi is actually a combination of all points of a compass in Asia and holds semi-folkloric place in the culinary tableau of the city as its appeal is broad and sweeping. There is no typical diner at Miyagi, it’s a place where complicated food is prepared with effortless ease. Short of a fourteen-hour sound flight to downtown Tokyo, Miyagi will do just fine.

Miyagi has only been open just over a year but has become quickly beloved. So much so they’ve opened another venue on Allerton Rd and have plans for an Ormskirk venue soon. It’s the kind of place you’re planning what to get the next time you’re in before you’ve even ordered your original meal. A world of laksa’s, duck gyoza’s and pork belly bao buns. It’s the food you day dream about. Food that exists outside the parameters of trend, pastiche, novelty and gimmickry that some other restaurants hoist their reputations upon. This is not a branding exercise. Instead, Miyagi channels the Asian attitude towards dining, where food is served fast and hot, and is devoured as soon as it hits your table. The fact the preparation behind that one big bowl of ramen might have taken the best part of the day doesn’t matter, it’s meant to be prepared slow and eaten fast.

The Japanese way is a lot about practicing the art of humility. The cooking style holds no hierarchy and if it did, the ingredients would come before any chef. It’s food to savour rather than to intellectualise and although they pay respect to traditional methods, they’ve also added their own twists throughout the menu. Take the sticky chilli beef nori taco for example, a taco made out of seaweed with sushi rice, Japanese slaw and Kewpie mayo. It’s a game changer and considering it’s the same guys behind Lucha Libre, it’s good to see some Mexican crossover. Another one of our favourite’s that pushes the boundaries are the chocolate brownie spring rolls with coconut ice cream. It’s even better than you’re imagining and the perfect way to put on some extra layers this winter. As the weather turns cold and we all put on our big coat, Miyagi offers the perfect place to warm the stomach and soul simultaneously. The two timin’ pork ramen has kept half the city warm and we have no idea how they slow poach the egg so perfectly every time.

We’re a firm believer in letting the food do the talking but it’s hard not to fall in love with Miyagi’s look. In the Bold Street venue, the interior is much like the mantra of the menu; pay respect to what’s already there but also add a twist. The bottom floor is stripped back, exposed brick and golden edges intertwined with beautiful booths that let the gold sparkle. Cherry blossom and enchanting geisha girls show off the classy side of Japan whilst the floor above is like walking into an episode of anime. Random comic book slurs are highlighted in punching neon and it’s just a pretty unique place to be. As impressive as the food and interior is, Miyagi also boasts an impressive roster of Japanese whiskeys, beers and cocktails. We’re a huge fan of the plum old fashioned, a Japanese twist on one of the oldest cocktails in the world that comes presented in a smoking box. The small element of theatrics is welcoming and although Japan is a lot about modest, let’s not forget we are in Liverpool, a place that doesn’t shy away from showing off.